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Eighty six a barrel colmec's go oh this change at twelve on forty announce the euro had only thirteen 94 the yen one fourteen point one four still watching abercrombie in fetch down about twelve percent in early trading after the company terminated discussions with several parties regarding potential transaction that's a bloomberg business flash tomen might think so much appreciate that cairns sworn really briefly now we salem near of koutros logic our our chief hither chief executive officer where you give them a phony talk about a most important issue on this whole thing is cybersecurity course we've seen that with news not only between mr putin and mr trump but just in the daily news flow as well let me do data check right now futures negative to doubt futures negative thirty seven a 10year yield two point three seven percent down a basis point is well joining us so um you know with koutros logic which is so much of this is out of the movies for people bring it to a tangible reality well the right now within cybersecurity is what is fructose logic do and how's it can protect us from stuff it seems like it's in the movies excellent question crappy me i think a lot of that were looking at is the wouldn't it real right nuclear facility wait quarter plan any kind of attack hyped up at either tax have been around two thousand twelve 2014 2015 affected.

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