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But some of it's dumb love their house say saved itself technologically. Or it was dumb luck. We don't know. I was not around to see they evacuated and he was watching his TV or sorry. His his security cameras and the fire came from all sides, and then is gone cameras went blank. And he was like all right. It's done. And this guy owns the dolphin Cray workshop five oh one nine eleven and that car was in the garage. So we were sure that car was gone and it survived, but he had a storage shed just next to the garage where that nine eleven was in the store. Shed was gone like burnt to the ground. I mean trees to his front door were burnt. So the house was fine. Yeah. But into concrete sides modern roof. Yeah. But we don't know those are house out of concrete story on that workshop five thousand one place. I'm Marlene is a guy he worked at singer for a while. He was also at I think the auto gallery. He's only Lieberman social about these fucking cars that car was built for a friend. It was a long story. I don't know if we've talked about this. But it was a car on bring a trailer. And he he's a friend. He's never had air cooled cars. And he said I want to build a nine eleven and I said, look, here's my opinion by a three to engine Seventy-three and try to keep it narrow don't flare it keep the wheels. Original and go crazy everywhere else. So cars pretty bonkers at three four on Motech. It moves and it was well built. Aren't they like it's expensive as singers that part of it? I don't know cheap. That's what I was told. Yeah. But it's a very simple look. Yeah. I think minimalist is is kinda my style. I'm not really into tons of paint and graphics. Normally, we run a gray steely on it. But he does have a set of folks, which are actually nickel colored finish similar to the window trim. But yeah, the cars fund drive. It's it's on seven and retire. It's about all it can handle was very Harry three four is a lot of motor for a little car like that. Yeah. You got a lot less weight than when you went to g body so seventy four you got a lot more weight because impact bumpers and some of the other regulations that way I wanna say twenty two hundred. Yeah. That's really, yes. So and and most cars with a three four are running like a nine intrigue wheel, and that's a seven inch wheels. So it's keeping the aesthetics and not really changing the greenhouse or that blue pulled up blew up the blue on his fire. Like that is. So that's a later car. You know, obviously impact bumper car that has sort of an Iraq style bumper on it. So probably got it down to a similar wait just a different static. Yeah. You know, those guys in New York g program guys. Have you seen about to lift when you they brought they drove three cars. Yeah. It looked like those. Yeah, they they charge quite a bit of money. They keep the looked pretty simple twin plug Motech, you know, three or four. Yes of deal my opinion. I've driven a lot of you know, builder cars, and you can get all the right ingredients. But you gotta know how to mix it together. So there's some really good stuff out there. And there's some stuff that looks good and drives a little bit rowdy. So it's beauty's in the item. Drove that car. I thought it was pretty solid..

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