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Home in showroom, RV a virtual appointment Get up to $1000 off installed windows. Contact today at the window man dot com I'm Rita Kessler. W T o P. Traffic STORM Team Forest, Lauren Rickets. Temperatures are in the fifties and we will continue to stay there right through the evening. Once the sun goes down, we'll take those temperatures down and even a little bit more. And I know we're not seeing much sunshine today, but Just the impact even though we still have the cloud cover so temperatures after about 6 30 or so will continue to fall into the forties. And then we're in the thirties and twenties. Overnight for a lot of the region. Freeze Watch posted for the Shenandoah Valley until 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. Otherwise will have showers today. The steadiest rain east of I 95 before we dry out after midnight tonight. This weekend. We're dry plenty of sunshine. After some frosty mornings temperatures in the low to mid sixties and then we head into your Monday, maybe a few showers Northwest DC Upper sixties on Monday. I'm Storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets. Temperatures, but for the most part are in the fifties throughout much of our region. Right now, we're holding at 56 in northwest Washington. W GOP Now at 1 51. Outdoor dining isn't a panacea for struggling restaurants, but it is helping them stay afloat. The problem is winter's coming, and there are concerns in Montgomery County about offering a safe and comfortable experience When it's cold out in an online forum, Montgomery County met with the restaurant owners about prepping for colder weather outdoors. As Mohr of them start setting.

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