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90 years old, which is hard to believe when you hear of the skirmishes with death that he avoided. I want to hear from Jonathan Wilkins about this very thing we just brought up. Why some of these African American figures are so undocumented by pop culture. My personal hope is that I can truly listen to people with unique and different perspectives than mine. And over the years, Jonathan has often helped me do just that. Well, I mean, that's, you know, that's kind of the American way, right? We footnote the black people in this country that have done important things, right? He's phenomenal, but I wonder how many other phenomenal and brilliant and just incredibly interesting stories will never know. I'll give you a good reference point for this. So oftentimes they talk about the first film ever made, right? And it's this little tiny snippet, and it's a black guy riding a horse, all right? No one knows a black guy's name, but they preserve the horse's name. You know, I bet you that a lot of people don't know that The White House was built by slaves. You know, history is written by the victors. I don't know. Yeah. You know, it's just kind of like, it's the story of America, really. I think what Jonathan is saying is true. It's powerful and interesting stuff. Here's how minor started his first research on hulk Collier. When I first started my research, I couldn't find anybody ever heard of hot car and the less they were from Washington camp. When I first learned about him, I said, well, maybe some people in these nursing homes will remain because I started my research in 1989 and he died in 1936. It's possible that somebody remembers hope prior. Thank God I started my research when I did because I found about 6 people who remembered hokai are really who had met him. Oh knew him. They were children, but they knew him as an old man. And one of them was the most amazing, his recall was perfect. He was as smart as a whip, he could remember everything about whole car his name was Pete Johnson, and Pete owned a liquor store in Los Angeles. And I had gone up to Greenville and people knew I was doing this research and I was trying to find folks in the first person I made was Jane weather. She was a widow who part of the Metcalf family and she's 94 years old and she can remember it whole very well. He had lived there on their place, and she gave me a lot of information on him. Soon after that, about a month or two after that, I get this telephone call from a friend who's helped me out, and he says, minor. You need to write this down. Pete Johnson gave me a telephone number out in Los Angeles. He had just come home to Greenville, Mississippi. He'd been raised there as a child, and he was trying to get some statue or some memory or a park named after Hulk Hogan. So I got it on the phone and talked to him. I ended up talking to Pete Johnson probably ten or 12 hours interviewing him over the phone. He had been raised right next door to whole car his hokkai is an old man sitting on his front porch. Telling his stories about a bear hunt with Theodore Roosevelt by the Civil War excavations by killing men after the war not being prosecuted for it and what I loved Pete Johnson telling me was that all the children of the neighbors before television and really before radio, but all the children in the neighborhood would come up there as the sun's going down and say, you know, mister hotel, some stories. Uncle holt, they call him. But before Ho Chi, sitting on his front porch, almost blind at this age before he would tell him the stories he would make them put their pennies together and go down the street that, you know, one of the old corner grocery thing. And make them buy him a plug in the backer and a knee high orange. And when they bring that plug in the back and then how orange, he'd sit there and talk to him until the pace. Till the parents called him home. A plug of tobacco and a knee ha orange. It's stories like this that wouldn't be in the national newspaper article, but they give you a feel for the man. Hey, this is no joke. I currently drive a Chevy truck, have almost 200,000 miles on it, and have never done anything to it, but change the oil, change the brakes, change the transmission fluid. It's been an incredible truck. But I'm very excited about the first ever Silverado ZR2. The pavement can take you to some great bear hunting spots and fishing holes and turkey hunting spots. But to find the real gems, you need to leave the road behind. The hunt is over. Introducing Chevy's most capable off road pickup, the first ever Silverado ZR2. That's a Silverado ZR2. The 2022 Silverado ZR2 takes you off the pavement and into the backwoods. 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