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So the Raiders are starting preparations like everyone else in the NFL for the wonky 2020 regular season. Derek Carr is still around. That is a surprise. He was supposed to be gone. He is battling and trying to hold on by his fingernails to the starting job in Lost wages. Nevada, the newly minted Las Vegas Raiders. Who will have no fans their first year in Vegas like everyone else, right? So car was asked if he had ever considered opting out of the season many players have done it does. I think over 50 now that have said they're not going to participate in this season? A couple of medium sized names a couple of star defensive players who have decided not to play in the 2020 season. But what about Derek? Or rather benign question, considering that he was at a Raider news? Conference. And so it's a fact that he's at practice with the Raiders at workouts, meetings and things like that. It seems pretty obvious that he's planning on playing. But that question ignited a very passionate response. If you did not hear this And maybe you missed it. You're not up on these type of things. Fair enough. That's why we're here. So Derek Carr said unequivocally. I did not. Did not think about tapping out like some of these other guys have done, And then he went on a rant and attempted to passionately explained his reasoning. In fact, we have The audio tape in his Warner Wolf would say, Let's go to the audiotape years. Derek Carr, the Raiders quarterback, opining about what what his motivation is for this year. I have a lot to prove to myself.

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