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Work has made a lasting impact site year rarely see during the day no backups on mercer in seattle and we're getting clear answers to the question drivers have been asking the new ramp meters to i five worsen or improve the mercer mess on day one yesterday komo's tammy matassa report on this end is i five up here say see traffic is coming down we've expanded this from two lanes to three lanes with the meter so we have more traffic coming here play by play washed out engineers are showing us how drivers are navigating the new ramp meters from the mercer mess to i five at first drivers aren't little hesitant to use a shoulder to get to the meter before they get the idea boa washed officials saw on real time cameras is that the meters are making the backups on mercer worse like drivers had feared there was some concern that the ramp meters back up traffic during the peak period that's not doing that right now it's the freeway that's backing up traffic so then what's the point of the ramp meters while engineers say they're most effective toward the end of the peak rush hour tell cleared the congestion on i five faster this is what we expected we certainly need more time to work on it we definitely take this very seriously and we'll continue to work hard on it that's komo's tammy would tasha protests yesterday that barbara of licensing it tacoma they want state director of licensing pat colour to resign in the wake of the agencies not living up to the governor's executive order to not fully cooperate with federal immigration and customs enforcement ice kathy strauss was among the protesters for a whole year they were giving records to ice and it's devastating and she needs to go she needs to resign or should department licensing has released.

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