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Path and purpose and fun places around the world and this is is is the history of two thousand twenty. You're going to France and Italy or was that twenty nine hundred so this year rule. Nice okay did go in two thousand eighteen. But we're GONNA get into cleaned all right. Awesome and Gloria like so many of us has had to overcome a lot of versity in her life and she continues to trust in higher power and be guided by her face and her goal is to help others in their heart center messages of hope and inspiration to the world that desperately needs healing by helping you become a published author. And that's actually how I met this wonderful woman because friend of mine had written a chapter for a book that Gloria also has written a chapter four but she spearheaded this book that we've also had some of the authors on the podcast. It's called women's standing strong together and I just loved it Barrett is there is low very good. She's she's a smart marketer marketer. To you've gotta be able to as right let people see it. It is now on sale on Amazon. And it's a bestseller also. Also congratulations for that. You think you should tell me a little bit about I how did this idea come to you about doing this compilation. which saw these wonderful women that you were able to together? Where did that come from sure? You know it's interesting that you know each new year. We set goals or make resolutions. I I don't visions and intentions out there and you just never know how they're going to show up and it was actually about five years years ago in a dream that God came to me. Tell me about a lining collaborating with some women to raise the divine feminine anxiousness on his will. It took took five years. Actually bring it to this point but it still to me. I never dreamt although on author and have written books I never dreamt of doing a collaborative Labrador's thing that I would publish the came as a message and it happened in my now partner. The graphic graphic design. We both have gone up to Canada. I had a speaking engagement. And she lives up that on the borderline as you want to join me. And she said yes and one night I was sleeping and I just blurted out something and she woke up into. What did you say it said? God wants us to write. Write a book called Women's standing strong together and in so here we honor. Wow that's amazing. That's amazing so you've you've mentioned that you are an offer to so what what Types of books. Have you written them in. Has that always been calling for you to to to be an offer you know when I look back at my entire soul blueprint my life. I have been writing since about ten years old In High School I was award. Winning scholarships everything literary editor. But I never saw as being my career because you know it. It just was not something that women were directed to do back in those days in ages and then my on my holistic center and even prior I wrote for newspapers magazines in a holistic magazines. Sasha magazines all though it's a waste there was always. There didn't see that it would turn into this. You know and so my previous books I've written. I'm almost a health coach Do that for years so I wrote a book on getting sorry to a healthy lifestyle for those of you in the twenty twenty th simple. This is what I did easy recipes but then I had a book you know when I was in Hawaii when I spent the time in Hawaii in far that talks. About why and how I got there in my own eat. Pray Love Journey. I it and I learned a lot about their culture in the ancient ways. Let's do their teachings if not all they're not in writing it's a verbal handing handing down of knowledge if people kept asking me to write about it write about it in the night went in honored their system and got permission. And I think there's eight other of the Hawaiian teachers that contributed to both ends of the Rainbow. And that's a book about their healing modality but it's not just the massage like most people think it's really about the lifestyle and then a few years ago I published you aboard. Love living a life purpose which correlates with Mike Coaching Program. Although people buy it on Amazon Amazon and they use it and they love it because it gives them simple chosen steps in guidance. It goes deeper when you're coaching with me. And I also did a book with my granddaughter. Komo a long time ago just for fun Kylie's adventures which is on Amazon. So it's just been you know it's been my outlet. It's he's been my connection. God Rights Rue. It's been my deep feelings and emotions. You know so you always been there. That's very cool. Yeah I I can relate. I know looking back on my life as well is that yeah I was always ready. Muniz started from like pen pal letters as a kid and then use ladders pursue either personal or for my kid's schools. I was a writer for television. Show news program so yeah writing has always there. Yeah Yeah it's amazing. What are the cause? Why started making those lists to like you just did neither wrote curriculum for massage school? Several of them across the United States. Do you realized how engaged involved you know. It's like we talk about listening to intuition channing guidance and stuff but sometimes we limited and we'd put it the box we only do certainly mouth until one day boom absolutely well. I'm glad that you mentioned intuition because that was where I was going to go next. So thank you for. That has been something that you've always been aware of. Because I know for me I I've really been paying attention into my intuition. Only really I would say in the last four years for many years it was more like. Oh I wish. I wish I'd listened to that Voice of my hat was always doing that now. I'm being more proactive about got so how. How has that been for us? That's always been outweigh even as a child that got made fun of actually and certain stage. You kinda suppress it. In Hide it casino people will judge. You think you're crazy or a witch or whatever ads. I got into my early twenties. I just went back into honoring. Who Weihan and it just began to grow in? It's something that I also teach in how people solve their own doubt around that because we all have intuition. There's mother's intuition right right. I there's those moments beget. There's ceilings as emotional feelings about people and places it's like sometimes feeling about somebody in my Gosh I should they okay in off the couple phone or email them or something and yes. Something's going on so I have honored these gifts and I always say I give gratitude two for all the gifts I have and all the calm and that also enhances it now. Do you said that you work work with people in coaching people. What to what do people typically come to you for help with is is it something like they may be? They are feeling maybe they. They have some sort of gift but they don't know how to deal with that or or is it just. It's really funny because that's not where it starts out but that usually is a part of it you know. Most people come to me for coaching because they want a life change. They know that they're missing something in their life or their they wanNA Better Korea Korea or they're depressed or they're unhappy in relationships so it's always kind of like I want something new indifference and it starts really learning about yourself. You know learning about you know what you really love and do you love yourself and then it doesn't bob over time because the one program is twelve weeks weeks it doesn't involve tapping into those inner senses because if we don't tap into them we're gonNA miss some of these key components that actually align and attract the things is that you desiring in life council away and especially. I think if we're unconscious about that then we wind up attracting the things into our life that we don't necessarily they want to learn those lessons times as I'm sure you have yours ago. Got Thirty years ago Bob Proctor. Some people may know who he is he was one of my mentors have paid a lot of money for that midden. I went and did another mentoring with him. A little over ten years ago did another around with him for a year and then recently I saw him at an event world's greatest motivators which is actually going to be aired on cable. TV soon it was that reminder. Mind your again of that mindset with there was something I learned as we talk about the law of attraction in why we don't get things so this is a simple tip. It's just not comprehendible baby simple but applying you know it really takes mastering your mind what you want to attract. Let's say right and it's is out here okay out here somewhere. You're trying so hard and you're taking all these steps like when people do goals right. And they wonder why they don't reach their goals and that it feels like something passed them by not aligned with it and the reason not aligned with because they usually don't believe they can have it for a while they come enclosed within the doubt. It's going to happen and they just miss it and so it really is working. That muscle brain is a muscle. It's working that muscle to to align that frequency in on still learning how to you know I do need absolutely have to because there's some days sometimes I'm great and I am in alignment and something happens in category a little off kilter and then it's like Trying to find that to get back into the groove again and yeah exactly and it doesn't take much sometimes to just drop you down another woman. That does these videos on facebook. Peggy McCall and and she actually trade with Bob proctor. And she's always got these things now. People are asking. What if that happened? Did you like. That's why you need affirmations everywhere. You need to have different in things around. That remind you so one of the things. I actually have put on the pages of my new calendars. My success is absolutely guarantee this was when things change so that if you are putting these goals out there you're setting that intention he tone yourself that so that when you're having a bad moments I went to an earlier age hottest. You know it's like okay. Remind yourself my success is absolutely guaranteed in anything else that will help you. I love that. That's that's awesome.

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