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Less than four percent of the region is black william virgil ended up with an allwhite jury after his conviction he said he had never hoped for a fair trial anyway the new stories at the time it didn't talk about retha welsh having dated some of the prisoners she counselled it eventually came out during trial that she had a black boyfriend but that was downplayed instead the stories focused on ruth is day job is as psychiatric nurse with the veteran's hospital in cincinnati and also on her work inside the prisons on the truth created rather stately um i recall which theory getting very personally friendly with some of the folks that she was um ministry who in the jail and that is one point was the question about you know should be looking at committed she'd had a relationship with chaplin failed to avoid contact with inmates read the headline on one of lara lien stories it began quote the slaying of counselor retha welsh is a prime example of why jailed chaplin's are trained not to get too close to the inmates they comfort officials who oversee jail ministry program said and quote one of on holly when everything is friends still gets upset thinking about the risk retha took by opening her home a she was tortured growing person and she was so proud and happy over what she had to overcome with the lord's help and shooting a good christian life in a shoe is just uh.

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