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Their offensive line's going to be so much better next year. Because turkish off ferguson. And nick mangle have a year under their and the rookies. They were pretty impressive when you say they weren't as a matter of fact. Some people thinking about voting nick mangle rookie of the year. It's unprecedented when an office of line. And get something like that but He kinda year. He had the toughest position on the offensive line. In your first year is center because you have to identify where the bullets are coming from. You got to tell the other offensive linemen who's responsible for who and do it within about five seconds spot and then snap the ball and they spend a lotta time shotgun. So you've got to be able to do that as well so i i would tell you that. They're going to be very good on offense. I think next year I'd like to see maybe another playmaking wide receiver believe it or not and and and a threat tight end tight end has got to be you. Know somebody like Antonio gates tony never find a guy like that. That certainly would help chad pennington and continue their development on offense and i love brian. Schottenheimer their offense coordinator. But i don't think we'll get an interview for any head coaching spots this year. But i think next year or the year after he will be a prime candidate. That will be probably away from the new york jets. They continue having success know. You're actually mentioned that on your show and tony gonzales. I think it becomes a free agent this year too. Maybe they just have shown of getting him to update this thing about the jets that they have the best salary cap situation. I believe of any team in the nfl. They'll be about twenty eight million dollars. I believe as i as been reported underneath a salary cap. Now if that's the case they can be very aggressive in free agency you know they're probably gonna look for those mid round mid range guys. I don't know if they'll go african hours but at the end of the day you know mike cannon bound the general manager does not get a lot of credit for this but this is one of the big things in the nfl. These days having the salary cap lex ability to go out and find the players that you desperately need short or team in the short term. Always keeping an eye on the future and making sure that you don't hamstring yourself With overspending for overage dove veterans right. Well just to quickly touch on the giants. I think fans basically of two questions and there'd be can can you. I manning the quarterback that everyone inspection to be and. Do you think tom confidence going to be back next year. Well regards that. You'll i manning. I've thought yesterday we saw the best and the worst. It'd be lying. There were times where he looked like. He had no idea what he was doing and that he was overwhelmed. Know that kind of sleepy feeling that he gets. And i think giant fans have for him when they watch him. Dan knows of degrade drive where he had to overcome numerous penalties to his offensive. Linemen make first downs found plaxico burress. On a couple of big plays and ultimately touchdown pass that tied the game in the heat of the game of the fourth quarter. So there's obviously something there we all see it. We all know it I think the big question for the giants right now is what to do with tom conflict. And i i certainly don't think that his message is resonating in the in the locker room anymore. I think it's falling on deaf ears. He's an old school coach. Old school principals which is fine but in today's day and age with these athletes. You've gotta find somebody who can get more out of him But the penalties the injuries all the things that he talked about when he took over the.

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