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OfficeMax this week buster school that for ten dollars ten dollars in store or online at office depot dot com satiate your appetite every weekend welcome back chef Jamie Gwen in your radio pop the Cork raise a glass and get ready to cook wise words from Emily and Matt Clift in because after years of meticulous daily experimentation for their food blog nerds with knives Emily and Matt noted one persistent ingredient throughout their favorite dishes alcohol in their first cook book entitled Cork and knife they're sharing dishes in which alcohol adds complexity and flavor from how to use vodka to make extra crispy batter for fish to a tequila and lime shrimp scampi and a classic chicken piccata we're building complex flavors today because authors Emily and Matt Clift in our here to dash congratulations to you both I love your cookbook thank you so much yes I will tell you I thought that was a lot of Greek culinary insight in it because there's a chemistry behind cooking with alcohol I think you need to know how to and master the the subtleties of it which is the great dichotomy to the you know complex punch that it adds so Emily if you would start share the three most important tips when cooking with alcohol that you kick off the book with I think those are really important sure so our number one hit is that you really don't need to spend a lot of money to to cook with alcohol but you do want to cook with something that you would drink so you know something like you know a nice decent bottle of white you know not something that you would necessarily by way and you know your your boss is coming to sure you know for a for a simple dinner that's what you would call quest yes like Julia child always said a little one for the sauce a little wine.

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