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93 85 That's 809 to 3 John MacCulloch show here. On one on 1.5 a m. 1400. Patriot. I really enjoyed our session this afternoon with Dr Richard Klein. The Michigan had neck institute was fun helping out some people who really needed some direction and we were glad to do that. We're going to do it again later on this month, we'll do it in the during the last week. Of the month. When we get that straightened around and have the date exactly will be let letting you know about that. But Dr Richard Klein is a especially educated, neuromuscular dentist with over 30 years experience. Managing T. M J and sleep apnea disorders. At the Michigan head in against the two and folks if you have ever faced a challenging situation medically and not been able to get an answer, and you know How difficult it could be. How difficult it can be to be out there and be in the unknown. And that's really what Dr Richard client takes away from some of these mystery ailments that people get takes away. The unknown. And Michigan Head and neck institute they have found through the covert epidemic. That what they knew far outweighed what they thought they knew. They simply had to put it in the right order if you find any sleep issues. You find yourself grinding your teeth. You find pain in your head or neck? Especially around bedtime. Please give Dr Klein a call scheduled a consultation have 5865730438 That's 5865730438. Police tell Dr Klein That John MacCulloch ask cuticle 586573. 0438 Patriots.

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