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Lawyers for the women who were rejected by the school after taking entrance exams from two thousand six onwards acknowledged they cannot yet prove whether they were rejected because of discrimination or insufficient test scores, but they are calling on the university to disclose those results. The women included doctor who has. Obviously already made the cut. Elsewhere students currently enrolled at other medical schools and women who have now taken jobs in other fields and independent probe found that Tokyo Medical University had disqualified about one quarter of female applicants who should have been offered places based on their original on altered test scores during two thousand seventeen in two thousand eighteen will here's what Japan today. Readers think Zack says nothing can compensate the time they lost and the dreams that were broken by the school while Kyushu Bill blames prime minister, Shinzo Ave. Gotta blame it on somebody. I guess he says dear leader Coon keeps blabbing about more women in the workplace yet, this slobbering doddering Ondaatje refuses to punish those caught discriminating against said women typical L D P wasteland. Okay. Well couple of definitions for you here. Oh, yeah. G is the Japanese term for old men and can be used rather disparagingly as it is in this case and the L D P. Well, that's. The current ruling liberal Democratic Party here in Japan of which prime minister Ave is the head. We were up in arms when we reported on this story in August. And personally, I'm not too surprised that we've seen other Japanese medical institutions get embroiled in the scandal. I'm just wondering why it took so long. What are your thoughts on the story? Visit us at Japan today dot com, and let us know..

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