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Hard throwers ninety five plus the as especially the as of the easiest fade on this list when they face a guy who throws really hard orioles rangers blue jays white sox mets subdues goodbye against high off speed usage pitchers as or not as excuse me astros braves yankees sell teams against off speed throwers marlins padres indians phillies getting important stuff you know and and we talked on on monday's show in the monday mailbag about ways you can narrow down the card well if you remember that the as sucking highvelocity pitchers and they're facing one that's a focal point that's something you can immediately circle that game and say i want to look into that game more cubs against hard throwers i wanna look into that game more because the cubs lead baseball on banning everett or in batting average and woah pitches them ninety five plus so they will hit premier velocity the phillies will hit premier velocity so these are all things that you can use to your advantage to narrow down the cartilage will bit and again i've got all this stuff listed for you here adam abang book dot com if you want my notes for the show you know lot of these teams aren't necessarily surprises good offenses are good offenses almost across the board but you didn't have a good offense they don't wanna hit guys throw a lot of off speed stuff so those are angles you can look to use cheer advantage and again if you don't wanna lay the heavy chock fading the royals against everybody or the as against hard throwers or the marlins padres against off speed guys played team total unders you could use these four those team totals those derivative bets where you can get some crazy shit that happens during a game whether it's a starter getting blown up or the bullpen or whatever else but then you've got this team total play where you've really put in the research really put in the work and you can find a lot of good intel that you can use for those team totals and that includes some of the stuff that i just talked about here on today's show so again adamant bang book dot com if you wanna get the notes all right let's go down the lines get some line moves dating back to tuesday's show with somebody come in on demand go her mind and the yankees and like i told you i expected to see yankees money come in sharp money for the first two games of this series i expected it to come in today as well but i also didn't expect the yankees to be a two dollars favorite with severino in the mount i thought it would be in the minus one eighty range where it's coming down to now so not a big surprise to see money hit the board on paxton a little bit some of that also may be correlated with people taking a shot on seattle for the first five i think that makes some sense as well but again i'll be posting this show as that game has already started so the fact of the matter is that you know we saw money coming against the mariners and we'll talk about later in the show i think that's the.

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