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Car and tell us about that well you when you say selling factory um what's what's the model there so the model of gray question so there's there are incubators accelerators a co working spaces all over the place there several in in gainesville even but what i found his that's very few if any of these facilities provide sales support marketing support training and really helping companies grow special may have a market reading products or service so uh that that was the inspiration behind me window to start to selling factory i was able to super cure a beautiful 5000 square foot facility right across the street from the university florida campus and has just one giant open room with beautiful tables and chairs and dry race boards everywhere and that was the selling environment that i wanted to create a really healthy startups and it entrepreneurs come in and be able to grow andi mean other than the facility what do you do amateur you mustn't give some coaching is absolutelyaccra guys over yesso what we do as we like to say we have a learning side of the house and we have a doing side of the house the learning side of the housei've written sales training curriculums i've written uh i have a sixweek sowing boot camp that we just launched that entrepreneurs and sales professionals and students can go through that ipacelle attain here we also holds of what we call selling blitz session of what that is in every but once every two weeks i invite in 10 to twelve startup ceos entrepreneurs and sales reps from a myriad of different companies to come in to the selling factory where we spend in our on a coach of particular sales topic they all stand up and talk about their companies and then for a two hour session and i put a countdown time round the huge of projection screen that i have in here i put it to our countdown cyber clock starts everybody who's in the room starts alba calling current former prospective clients of theirs for their for their respective businesses and then after that two hour session is over we all huddle around it we collaborate we talk about what works what did it word successes we had failures that we had and it really becomes an amazing collaborative experience so that's the that's the learning side of the housethe doing side of the house what we do.

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