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For WWE j NewsRadio nine fifty where you could see. There are say there are a few screws loose in Ferndale. As w w j NewsRadio nine fifties. John Hewitt tells us live and local police looking for a suspect causing a bunch of flat tires there. John Greg a few skirts loose that could possibly lead even to a felony charge militias destruction of police. Property is a felony. And one of the police cruisers is one of the vehicles that had a flat tire as well. As accord impli from district court across the way and a citizen an elderly woman. I'm told this all happening from a an incident Monday police say October, the twenty ninth in the late morning early afternoon were an individual who is caught on video police are releasing was basically dropping screws and nails out of his pocket in the parking lot here at the police department as well as at the courthouse and it did cause as we've talked about three vehicles to be damaged. Here's barron. Brown public information officer with the Ferndale. Police doesn't really shock. Our conscience as much as people would think, but the fact that it wasn't done in the dark of night. It was done in a very very nice clear day and pretty nonchalantly does give us pause. As mentioned there is a video, and some pictures, we have up on our website, WWE J, NewsRadio dot com. It is clear as far as shots of the face. And the police believe if somebody sees it that knows this individual it will not be hard to identify him. They're looking for the public's help reporting live and local in Ferndale. John Hewitt, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty WWE news time three thirty four services today for the cremated remains discovered at a Detroit funeral home. WW J city beat reporter Vicki Thomas with the story. Bannerman religious leaders from various faiths reading the names of the deceit. Ensues cremated remains were found at the now closed Cantrell funeral home and total. There were three hundred cremated remains bound and those were part of this all souls memorial service here at mount olive cemetery. Among them Lizzy Davis's brother, Eddie Bannerman, she found out about two weeks ago that her other brother never picked up the remains eleven and the time you can expect this. I just thank God that everyone here that's involved. Brought closure to. So now I can rest knowing that my brothers that rest. Vicki Thomas, WW, J, NewsRadio nine fifty. The final funeral was held today following last Saturday's attack that killed eleven people at a second synagogue in Pittsburgh more from CBS news correspondent Bill Rakoff like the funerals for the victims of last Saturday's attack at the tree of life. Synagogue the line of mourners for ninety seven year old rose maller, wrapped around temple road, f Shalom today Ballenger was killed inside a place that she worshiped for sixty years, according to her family, a mourners hug laughed and shed tears as they waited to enter the temple to pay tribute to the oldest person who died in the tree of life attack. Bill rakoff. CBS news. Meantime leaders from local mosques and churches joining the congregation of temple share Shalom in west Bloomfield for Shabat of solidarity. Tomorrow rabbi Daniel Schwartz the ideas that we shouldn't be scared. We shouldn't be in fear when we come to pray in our congregations. And so when it happened last week number. Of our college and our community reached out to us and asked what they could do and the number of clergy from other faiths said that they would like to join us and be with us doors at temple Shalom will open at ten tomorrow morning. The event is free in the public is invited. President Trump tweeting what looks like a movie style. Poster the takes creative inspiration from the TV series game of thrones to announce the reimposition of sanctions against Iran. He tweeted a photo of himself with the word. Sanctions are coming fifth US sanctions on Iran had been lifted under a two thousand fifteen international nuclear pact. But they're being reimposed on Monday..

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