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On the right the left has never made the argument nearly as effectively and they they probably should all right ABC news political analyst Steve Roberts Everly brothers expert thank you thanks Steve take care Steve okay got it when we get back we're gonna light it up here let my are picking songs that make us happy all this week Jo Jo's Bartlett's going to be the judge our first round begins when we get back anyway even with your W. O. R. traffic if you're taking a ride on the beach you eastbound read around Atlantic Avenue just watch out for delays breakdown has the right lane closed good news for you on canal street and Sixth Avenue in lower Manhattan that earlier police activity has been cleared away dekalb Avenue westbound between Malcolm X. Boulevard and Stuyvesant Avenue with a closure because of a building fire south of New England Thruway over by Chatsworth Avenue watch out for a crash in Larchmont LAT westbound rollover accident by northern state parkway cashless tolling is in place address river crossings a twenty minute ride him down at the Holland exit three is close into York the police activity on Canal Street didn't help things for you either this report is sponsored by discover get your free credit score card today even if you're not a discover customer include your bike credit score and checking your score card won't your credit learn more discover dot com slash credit score card limitations apply our next update is coming up in fifteen minutes now let's take a look at the W. O. R. weather channel forecast reading sunshine all over the sky the sporty good looking morning good looking after it with a few clouds high seventy one tonight some clouds city fifty eight suburbs cooler.

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