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About workable at you. Want mentioned just observation in the last year which has been challenging for everybody because cove and everybody's serves sequestered at home. We did see a substantial uptick in business. The first two months thing slow down to near screeching halt as the everybody across the nation. Not knowing what to do we had employees or nervous about becoming in coming out well for us because we had kids who were at home and could in elvis with making the minimum amount of baking the ad however once they started an open up again last year late april early. may our business really came lauren. back we action profitable last year with a substantial amount of growth which surprising in such a strange year because many people purchased or rescued hats. People were at home or so long it purchased companions. Everybody now has office mate's of four legged variety that light thugs it's and that has contributed to some of these consumer growth and some of the girls in successive so the vendors were for and it's just an interesting observation. It'll be equally interesting to see how that plays out over time to see a bit maintains that same level of engagement with it's a new pedals that are out there. Yeah well that is interesting to now laura anything else that you want to add the year or two prior to covet hitting. We had started to build up a base of grocery customers and through covert. The grocery stores was the one place people were so that was just kind of share. Lock on our part. Yeah that's good. Are you looking at a specific size of grocery stores or is it just any grocery store out there that would have your products right now. It's predominantly midwest focused because we're able to service them better. Since their clothes they usually want quicker turnarounds. So we're able to service them better. I think i went into this feeling. Like it would may be more kind of the trader joe's of the world the whole foods of the world. But not really finding that. That's the case at this point. No it doesn't seem to matter. What kind of grocery store it is capabilities expand. We will have the ability to service those larger chains. Hy-vee is a pretty substantial chain of grocery stores airways slowly but surely embracing our treats. It's interesting to note. Hell many smaller chains. Let's just a revised stores are less than exists in areas like milwaukee and the twin cities in saint. Louis that are sort of branded. Regional in nature have sales teams that are out there servicing knows and calling on those we're slowly but surely picking those chains up we've also had some interesting discussions with i would say more traditional big box stores are very preliminary at this point and quite honestly. I don't think we would jump on it right away because we're still expanding we wanna make sure that we do the film. But that's every bit of our intent to add the equipment in the personnel and people bill a larger chains such as a trader joe's or whole foods or albertsons kroger. Ecb were on the edge of that and that's the expansion. We anticipate at some point. You just throw don't win..

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