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With Amy Lawrence. Doug Peterson citing the play of the old line and the D line, and you can definitely tell especially the later the game. God the more that the eagles lines had the advantage had the upper hand certainly the falcons had a bunch of guys who were dealing with cramps. Dehydration. They had different guys. Go down on the field and need to be attended to. It seemed like the eagles handled the humidity a lot better. Now, it wasn't nearly as hot one that rain came through before the game. But the humidity was still extremely thick. And so that humidity, then tends to lead to dehydration and cramping. And it's weird. Right. Because the falcons played an extremely humid climate in Atlanta, but they seem to have trouble with it. And they seem to wear out. So toward the end of the game, including that last goal line stand there that you hear with Merrill Reese on the eagles. Radio network. By that point, the falcons ofensive line was getting manhandled and on the eagles. Touchdown drive prior to the falcons last possession. It also looked like the falcons defense was gassed. Both of those things were true. And part of that is week one part of it's the weather conditions. It's you know, it's just being on the road and everything else that goes into it. So it's it's one game. But certainly there's plenty to address on the tape for both the falcons and eagles. I mean, let's be honest. The eagles offense was nothing to to pack up into bottle up and use again other than j J. He got running in in the second half. He really found some lanes. Certainly the Phillies special was fun to try it out there again a fitting tribute to the Super Bowl, Wayne. But also a nice tip of the cap to Nick foles who was the MVP of that championship. And they didn't do a lot great on offense either. So they've set the bar low to be sure eight five five two one two four two two.

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