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Before we start we are so excited to tell you guys that the soup is back on E. Wednesdays at ten nine Central Avenue Hosts Woman Jade Caterpillar. And she is great like the thing about her is that she herself is. Superfan so everything she's talking about. She's so excited and she's kind of giving her observation. Quit and you know the soup. It's everything from the latest. Tv moments both viral videos. Everything in between. She's a lot of really hilarious. Commentary is just a good time. She's a lot of fun to watch so back on Wednesdays at ten nine central. Hey guys I'm Emma and I'm Julie and we're the calls behind comments by CELEBS and welcome back to this week's bonus episode. How you I mean. Obviously I'm doing good. We're talking about Uber. Yes so this week. We kind of decided we wanted to do something. A little bit topical and as you know Justin's album changes came out on February fourteenth. And he did this. Really indepth interview with Zane Lowe that we washed. And we're like we have to discuss this more Ryan needed a fault while we were gonNA put into the section. I was like I need a fall for it. But that's these are my favorite bonus episodes when it just happened so naturally we wash something and we're like no we need a full forty five minutes greatest because that's exactly what you wanted without rising. This is what we are going to do like disgusting. I just want to talk about saying we watched. And you're like okay. I've watched everything. So why don't you figure out something to watch? I don't really think we can do a bonus episode on with cats. I was like God down. I know actually think we cut how we totally could have. Maybe yeah I think we could have. We won't pay who good idea anyway. So basically how we're going to do this or how. We think we're going to do this. That could always change. Is We basically? Julie transcribed a lot of the episode. I mean a lot of the interview and we're going to go through winter of pretty much all that we're going to kind of go through you know. Read some of the points do a discussion but for the most part we're going to go through kind of as it happened so yet input into our own orders. What I'm saying. No it's it's completely chronological of the interview. So the guy who did the interview? He's this man Zane Lowe he's New Zealand radio DJ and he hosts his own show on. Apple's International Radio Station Beats One. I was kind of you know I. I had never heard of him. And it's a big deal for Justin to do an interview like this but I was almost happy that I had no previous experience with this guy because it was totally. He was like a clean slate for me. Yeah I've watched a few things that he's done he's he's really good at deep interviews. Which is why. I think Justin chose to do this. Also Justin felts. Which if you haven't watched it. I highly recommend but also. If you don't have the time you can just listen to this. You know you can tell that. Just felt really comfortable being their first of all he was literally Jerseys and vans and heels odor. He looks good but he also just like. I think he felt safe. The word that I'm looking for a safe. Yes he didn't feel like this guy was looking for the click bait headlines. He felt like this was a conversation right. He felt like I think Justin went into this. And they talk about this a lot about like how it's not really an interview. It's more of a conversation and I think Justin went into it knowing that he was going to be able to get out what he wanted to get out of it. Exactly so we're going to go through and we'll see what happens you're ready. I'm ready so he starts by talking about his new album and he says quote. I feel like I'm gonNA cool vein but this album is super. It's just not very deep. You know I didn't go there like that. You know what I mean. I didn't go super deep with later on in the interview. They're talking about this which we'll get into but basically you know. He says that he wants to make more music about being married. And this album is just the first he wrote in his first year of marriage. And there's so much more to learn about commitment and building trust and Zane says something which I think is really true. He says that's what's great about changes. Its honeyman record. It would be sort of disingenuous to start diving deeper into that situation when you're just learning about the beginning stages right and that's a really good point which. I feel like when people when I've spoken to people at the album. What they've said is like it sounds great but the lyrics aren't anything. It's like what he wanted. This album to be was like a fun. R&b Album the lyrics needs to be anything more than just what they were. Basically in five years time he's not going to be reading Yummy Yummy was when the guy said honeymoon record. I was like you. My friend should coin that? Yeah he he nailed it yelled at. That's exactly the term so he starts off asking him why he stopped his torn two thousand seventeen. Because as you remember that was a whole thing I mean he was miserable for lack of a better word and you can see it. It's so funny. When you look at footage of the tour you can see it in his face he literally. He looks like he would wanna be anywhere else. But on that stage but also in watching this interview and Julia made this observation which I think is really true. His facial reactions are very Kind of complimentary to what he's talking about so you see. It was almost as if he was reliving. Everything they were talking about it and you saw it on his face so when he's reliving this would you could see kind of like the darkness and him. Yeah it's also it's just US face. This whole body changes with every single question like there are times where he's really tense and he's like bent over talking about it and then there's other times where. Zane ask them something that he's like really excited to speak about. And you kind of like loosens up like when he speaks about. Haley he takes a step back and he can sit and be loose and then when he's talking about what he went through during two thousand fifteen to two thousand seventeen he's world over again. I have to be honest and you know I really really liked Justin. I like really fully support him. The first couple of minutes watching this I was a little bit. Annoyed is the wrong word but I was a little bit like. Come on if you agree to do this interview. At least uncomfortable he was on. He was visibly uncomfortable. And I guess I was looking at it because of what we do from the perspective of the interviewer and I was like you could at least give this guy. I contact like he's sitting. You know what I mean and I felt at first. I was afraid that was going to the entire thing. It definitely changed so if you get through the first couple of minutes you'll see his demeanor change but the beginning. It was almost like he felt. This is how it felt as a viewer. I felt like he was forced to be there. And that clearly wasn't the case but in the beginning I was like dude fun. What it kind of also came off as and which is probably what happened is that I felt like until he got comfortable with it. You could see that. He was thinking about every single word that he was saying like. I think he is so scared to come off. Either unintelligent or come off and say single grade for saying that he doesn't mean that could be misconstrued so it's like every single word that came out of his mouth felt like he was thinking thoroughly about and it made him very tense. I so agree with you. So anyway in terms of the tour why he stopped he said you know. He was emotionally and physically tired and on top of that he was sick. He didn't know what at the time. Which of course was the Epstein Barr in the lime disease and he said he's like listen. I was eating really well. I was doing everything that I needed to just having seven twice a day like as if that was the he says if people say Broccoli you know what I mean is that was the pinnacle of Hell as if seven was penicillin. Yes exactly say no drinking one hundred ounces of water. Who's like I was having Salmon twice today? He was like the mom in a Cinderella story on Diet. I'm doing fine. How To so my dad when he says three sandwiches today but they were not widespread. Yeah exactly so anyway. Zane starts and he said it's clear anyone who hears this album and also to anyone who takes an interest in your life as a fan that the two of you meaning haven't Halley have found a really important bond and this has been hugely important development in your life which by the way I saw this in the beginning. But there's going to be reading we just but then we'll discuss and Justin said it's been a really big reason. Why coming back and why. I'm successful at this. She's definitely the reason there'd be no story without her she just ties it all together. I mean she's giving substance to talk about. She's the person that I'm learning to love. Unconditionally start a family with so regardless. If I saw another record I have a lot of peace just knowing that I have the rest of my life to build a relationship with a solid foundation of trust and patients and all the things that go into building a healthy relationship. Listen he's not telling US something that we don't know I know but I say I love to hear him say but I'm saying like I was nodding when you know and felt like his marriage. Counselor good yes yeah. That's what I want you to say. Yeah that's right Justin. So Zane says that when he listened to you like when I listened to what's been said from either view you it sounds like both of you to some degree. Knew it was right but he both had to go into it in your own way to confirm qualify that that was the case. How did you know I'm reading this? I'm reading this whole one verbatim. He goes I let her know prior prior to the two thousand seventeen when we were hanging out a lot. I said I'm still really hurt and still trying to figure out my way and I'm not ready to make a commitment to you in a way that you know and I just don't want to say something and do the opposite. I was at the point where I'd done that in the past. Just honest with her. I was like you know. I'm not just in a place to be. I'm not in a place to be faithful and all the stuff that I wanted to be but I just wasn't there yet. This is something that came up a lot and I know we'll get more into it. Which by the way Julian. I have not spoken about this. No not at all like I watched the interview this morning purposely so that we would not have spoken about it before but viewed watched it last night. There's no way that we would have not spoken. Yeah exactly as I was dying to speak to tell you that I watched it. My Dad drove me into the city. Today you think well I put it on the things he was just hearing the obviously was watching the road but after he's like wow. I didn't know that as bad as parents. I didn't know he was so religious. Like he was really got a lot out of it. I love that. I love that for your news very very educational experience. Yeah that's great. That's good things that he needed the hymie needed and I felt like just the needed. Your Dad's validation. Wait this is a really good time to make the announcement that I've wanted to say on air for a long time. I have no idea what you're about to say Ping Pong table. Oh my God yeah. I don't think I've ever said this publicly. Oh yes I go to your dad's drawn out like maybe could happen in some alternate universe. No I'm saying we at the time. Nothing that we ever said could have ever gone to Justin Bieber now. It's not the craziest thing that Jordin sparks. Knowing that we love no air. That was the coolest thing ever hold on..

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