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But there's a reason why we chose that in the eye general. I don't know about you. I generally don't like movies about Hollywood. I like some movies about Hollywood. But I take it in general. I enjoyed the show time series episodes the moment. Matt leblanc. I watched the zone. Yeah. It's a show. It's heightened. It's pushed into a place. Okay. That's that's nuts. Where you've got you. But yeah, I get it. And what I think they did is that they recognized for the natural conflicts were and turn to fifteen and what the natural absurdities turned up a lot. Which is fine. I've seen with Frazier crane is not a very good psychiatrist, probably right. But it's enjoyable character to watch. But all you gotta do is get ten screenwriters in a room, and you realize their Hollywood is totally different from your Hollywood. Anyway. And I think that's probably true if somebody else in publishing might watch younger and be like, they nailed that. They nailed that. So couple of years ago for legendary I did a pilot pilot so ended up pilot about Hollywood about now it's about a fictitious studio. And so it was going to be legendary is first TV shows. And so I wrote it, and we never actually got it set up and Billy Ray's show, which is about another studio. Historical studio got made but mine was a present day show. And it was really interesting writing about sort of real life because I knew exactly what those competitions were. I knew sort of like what the things around. Would be. But I remember Kelly Marcel had about it. It's like she's like, I can't believe included that. The wet nose. Like, oh, that's about those two actors like I had no idea that story was. Yeah. Those same things happen again. It always feels like, you know, oh, that's an absurd thing. That could only happen. We get that a lot. And it's where where I'll get an Email from somebody in the Denver police department or something or Denver fire department and say, oh, did you read about our fund drive? No, they were doing that. Also in Chicago or Miami or wherever. Yeah, we have to tell people were not stealing stories. Yeah. Yeah. I can understand why you know being in a dick wolf universe. Like there used to law and order where like clearly from the headline the headline, but you're not ripping the headlines now, I mean, I will you know, in the summer when we're when we're gearing up for the first part of the season all look through the internet really for interesting calls what we call calls or when the bells go off, and I saw in Japan or somewhere. There was a woman whose foot had been run over in a in a revolving door, and I had childhood fear. Of revolving doors, and I was anytime we can do something that's suspenseful or so I saw this picture, and I just took the picture put it in my story folder. And then when we got out and we're in the middle of the season. It was like we need an interesting call. I remember that picture and we put that in. So yes, it's ripped from the headlines. Kind of. Yeah. It definitely jogged my memories of fears. I had as a kid I said, the last reason why think are onscreen jobs in real screen jobs. Don't match up so nicely as that are conflicts in the real world aren't as clean. They aren't. They aren't as interesting. And so that we suppress things a lot. We don't venture the way that we want to be able to vent don't express themselves in ways that we need to express themselves and by December thirty on screen weird winnowing down the number of people who are actually speaking parts. And so you you can't have relationships with twenty people, right? Of course. And they don't resolve as easily as we need an hour and forty five minutes or even a over a span of ten episodes like they just most your conflicts don't really resolve now that I like I saw somebody out on Larchmont, which is close to John in my house who I hadn't seen in. I don't know nine or ten years, and I didn't have a problem with that person just faded when we had kids that kind of result went in diff. Directions, and that wouldn't work very well. Who is this person? Yeah. What is this? All right..

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