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WanNA give my marbles with bows in the she and is like fees. Gosh oh she only had long hair so with the component and parts chosen. Why don't we wait for the factory to do their work and get back to the story? Behind the story we've had array bradberry submitted three stories to the twilight zone but only one was made. So was this the reason that the relationship ship between him and Rod sailing soured will according to Ray Bradbury. There was more than in your book. You examine the accusations of plagiarism. The bradberry makes against Rudd sailing. So what was he. Basing these accusations on was a particular stories was in Bredbury story of Peter's changed well it changes favorites plus when he accused him of players in the sixties in it again later in its life when his authorized biography came out he changed the accusations. Different story so bradberry story players hit more so it's important to recognize that just in later life he had taken early in life he'd taken walking stents which is a very personal personal and almost autobiographical story. That certainly had come up when he was back on. A family vacation. Also made some accusations about where it is every body didn't he yes. That was the one where he was compared to the guy on Mars who gets who hooks up with a woman by phone so you know you. You examined examined these accusations. What what did you find? Surly wrote two letters of his time in finding exact date in December nineteen sixty sterling two letters one. It's to Beaumont journal December fifth in one. Is Ray Bradbury in the letter to Beaumont is much longer. He says dear chuck in he laid out the accusations in more in what happened was is almost like a snowballing in avalon. The fact of played Comes out of this is is that there was plagiarism. A bradberry but not by Rod serling but actually George Clayton Johnson. Really in what I pointed out the George Frank Johnson. I interviewed him the same week of interviewed Bradberry in bribers at his home in Jordan Johnson. We went restaurant. Had the PATIOS for three Hours George Clayton Johnson. In Ray.

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