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And so dr creko and susan actually drive down to the white house to protest that dad and the husband is still stuck in hungary. Oh i had breast two more but it was not mailing meant and out but actually they after the operation. My husband get notification that he has to go to hungry to pick up the green card and so he were not eligible to return so he was stuck in hungary. And i was here with suzanne. She was playing tenor phone. And then we went to protest against my husband. Couldn't come back and we went to the white house in front of the white house. We had to ask permission and everything and then she played in front of the white house or careers seems to be on the verge of breaking to. What does she do in the lab. How does she approach her. Life's work as it is now at risk in a real way. This is the amazing part of dr creko. That when you hear these stories it gives you the goosebumps because what she does she just carries on. I don't know if she would be in the same position. She is in right now of having marin a. b. platform if she hadn't been demoted because then there's like all right haven known cares about my title. I'm just gonna do what i wanna do. Then spending twelve fifteen twenty hours a day in the lab because she's convinced she's correct so it feels important to point out that this is the mid nineties. It is not the easiest time to be a woman scientist. It's not the easiest time to be an immigrant. And how difficult was this. All for the family to navigate they again amazingly a talk about how hard it was but in such a matter of fact way that this this is part of the journey. This part of the process. Is's america in the nineties. And i'm a woman and i'm an immigrant and you know i'm not even getting recognized on some of the research that they're putting four. They actually applied for a patent for what they had discovered with. Synthetic ima- a and dr creek wasn't listed on the top of that. She actually had to bring it up and say hey i should get top billing on. This is pretty tough. My mom would have these great discoveries and she'd be so excited and then there'd be a little bit of bureaucracy or someone who had put her down on. When i went to a confidence sexual ian gave a lecture about the modified any and after the lecture and other female scientists. Who is your supervisor. And i said do i need one so in the background while all of this is happening is young susan. The teddy bear carrying daughter of dr creek. Oh who is now growing up and growing up very literally. I mean she becomes six to in high school and she's trying to figure out what she's gonna do with her life. How was sports for susan as you started out when you look at susan at six to in high school and you see her. She's strong. I'm thinking she has crushing it in high school. And so you can smell a former jockey. You're like we are you clearly at. Oh my god this body. That is this gift and she. She goes no not so much. I want a lot of most improved and most spirited trophies. That was the big joke in the family as you got a lot of most spirited trophy susan well-done what was dr corrego like as a sports parent like on the sidelines. Dr corrego according to susan was very intense and to the point where now bell is back of course from hungary he's gotten all his visa issues resolves and the when they would show up at games. Dr creko would start screaming and hungarian. Well she would just yelling so loud vic in hungary and it was really great. Our coach who had no idea what was going on like. Hey i don't know what she's saying and then after a while actually bent her from coming to my game said no we can come to the games and they laugh about it. Of course now all right coming up. Susan breaks through as an athlete. And dr corrego gets her breakthrough in the left with no fees or minimums on checking and savings accounts banking with capital. One is like the easiest decision in the history of decisions kind like choosing the listen to another episode of your favorite podcast and with our top rated app you can deposit checks and transfer money anytime anywhere making capital one even easier decision. That is banking reimagined. What's in your wallet. Terms apply capital one. Na member fdic. So now we're in the year two thousand julian. Dr rico is still toiling away in her lab and susan is now at the university of pennsylvania herself as a student not an athlete. But just like a normal normies student. Well as fate would have it. There is a flyer going around. Campus recruiting rowers. And she's thinking well. I'm tall and why not give it a try so susan actually begins rowing her sophomore year at upn and by the time she's a senior she's an all american pablo so she is finally discovering her athletic potential and by two thousand five when she's twenty three she gets invited to row with the us national team coverage not closing. In fact as i say the americans just push a gain and they are gonna take this by the best part of three quarters of a length and the usa come home to take. The women's aches gold medal. Guns to america. Once i graduated from penn my parents were like all right. You got that great job. And i was like yeah. I got the offer but actually look out for the us olympic team. They're like most spirited. Are you sure your out to the olympics. So a they let me go. And then after i made the team and then kept making the team then they were like all right great hall in. Let's do this. And they were supportive through that whole olympic journey so her daughter is now. One of the best roars in the united states. Use a member of the national team and meanwhile in two thousand and five now. Dr kriko finally has a breakthrough in the lab with her research partner. Dr drew wiseman. What is the breakthrough in question. So as you can recall. Pablo the real issue with synthetic ima- rene was the body was rejecting it. Finally in two thousand five. Dr weizmann dr creek. Oh discovered that if you added a molecule to.

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