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To the Glenn Beck Program it's Tuesday we are exactly two weeks away. From the next election and I can't urge you enough to prepare yourself mentally, and physically the world is going to change During this election there are disruptions that have already been plotted and planned You'll notice that all these things have calmed down all these. This is a rest. This is the I before the storm the calm before the storm and the other side of this hurricane is much more violent than what we went through over the summer. make no mistake, your liberty and the liberty of all those. On Earth. is at stake. If America falls into, despotism. The world falls into despotism. There is no one that can stand. There is no other force like the United States and the agents of chaos are. ANTIFA those who wished to cause any kind of chaos. It is socialist that means the Nazis. They're socialists as well as the Socialists here in America. The Islamists that does not mean Muslim that means Islamist know the difference between the two. and and and those who just wish to destroy the West and the Western way of life and that includes. Most if not, all of our universities there's some disturbing things going on on in universities that. Have to be stopped, they have to be stopped Specifically. I know that even Byu. which has always been very clear. is a mess just a mess I wouldn't send my kids to Byu. For all the money in the world now no way. I. Would Send My kids to Byu and they have they have professors that are teaching. Anti. Christian anti bitter. Anti Mormon Anti, free speech, Anti Free Market. It is a frightening situation in our universities and It's GonNa be a long slog. To clean it all up. That's if we have the opportunity if we lose the Senate and the White House. WE'RE NOT GOING TO BE CLEANING IT UP. We are going to be changing and I'M GONNA show you tomorrow how to prepare Don't Miss It. I WanNa talk to you about those zebra. It has been reported that Americans are overpaying on car insurance by over twenty one, billion dollars but searching for a better deal takes hours typically results in a barrage of unwanted spam mails and that is until the Zebra Dot Com. This is the nation's leading car insurance comparison site because it is the only place, you can compare quotes side-by-side from over one hundred providers and choose the best for you in ninety seconds or less. They're never going to sell your information to the spammers so you won't get all those. Unwanted calls or emails you just answer a few simple questions on a fast form and they will find you the best rates and coverage in your state tech crunch call Zebra the Kayak for auto insurance the best part is it's completely free and you can save up to six hundred and seventy dollars a year using the zebra dot com, the Zebra Dot Com. Go there. Now you're looking for car insurance start saving money at the zebra dot com slash.

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