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That's all follow the bottom please yes but our local work okay ninety will get any question for Bob McDonald governor has made clear that he wants aggressive enforcement of the limit in terms of the number of people in the workplace is your health department have the bandwidth to do all the things you need to do and scale up testing can be the primary enforcers on workplace one yeah I think you could give me your phone screens some feedback please leave your phone thanks I thank you for the question Kyle you know you you raise a good point about resources being stretched I do believe we're going to be able to do that successfully you know every step of the way this is not banned and efforts solely followed out are carried out by the department of public health and environment we've had many partners great partners throughout the city safety and community planning and development excise and licenses and many many other departments that have stepped up to assist with every decision every step of the way including enforcement so I do believe we're going to be successful with doing that that being said we rely on the public we rely on employees that they seized concerns to call that into three one one we've been very successful in applying rapid and our response with following up on those concerns when they come to our attention year old fox thirty one year you talk about communicating to the public new guidelines as they come out where can we see what currently is in place what's going to be changing where can it all be available and how soon do you plan to have guidelines for that we're thinking they would be open to a third yeah I appreciate that the cold very good question let me clarify again Denver's order stayed home or did not expire until April thirtieth and so even with the governor's move for toward opening or easing the opening of the state this weekend Devers would would remain in place for an additional four days and so we're extending that order out to may the eighth again what we know today is what will be in place up until may eighth and it's important that people understand that the businesses that have been permitted to open up until our during this stay at home order a considered essential businesses will continue to operate those who have not been allowed to open will still not be allowed to openness and Denver Colorado until may the eighth fastest me may ninth the as we roll through may ninth so midnight may ninth this is Connor I was worried thanks.

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