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The biggest died on Friday, and I like to just get real personal friendships. What is like what are you guys fight about the most or what just really gets you just? Pissed off at him. She's like where do I start Anik than just walk on out? No. I was going to say did you guys fight a lot? When you like did you fight about being married before you're married? I wanna get married. I wanna get marry. Yeah. And then and then you got married, and then we got married, and then I just I'm so let's just start officing. Really stubborn love so same. He is like I feel like he's like a genius. He's the smartest person. I know. And anytime, he he like reads thousands of books and right now every time I feel like he's into a book or he's like right now. He's reading on grain brain of heard of that. Okay. So now every time I eat something. He's staring in my face. Oh, you alone every battle eat food. Okay. He's like there's Putin. And Adam there's this and that and anytime he reads something or like learns a new way of doing something he'll like preach, and he'll like sit down and want to teach me and like preach it to me. And I'm like, can you please? Let me learn things on my own. I like, yeah. It's enough. Just watching you do the right thing. I can kind of grass. I want to do a to follow you. But when he tries to console me like you should do it like this do with this, and you should do this. I'm just like oh my God. Like, it's just pushing me further and further from it like when you try to force me to do some. Yeah. That's super fresh dot. That's definitely one thing. That really pisses me up. I like wanna be able to learn on my own. I'm that type of person I pick up on whatever. I can I eat off of his energy. I watch what he's doing. And it makes me wanna do it. But when he sits me down and tries to like make me re the they'd look I highlighted this in this job, and he'll highlight it so now he's gotten to the point where he'll go to bed and he'll be reading at night. When I wake up there's a book on the counter with like, it's all highlighted. So I should yet up highlighting rings and giving right? He's like, I know you're not gonna pick up a book and read it. So I just highlighted and just leave it out. If you want to read it you could read it like, oh my God. So that's there's that. I love that. You're you're really sweet do you drink wine you drink? We can be friends for real. And Larry just told me yesterday. Actually that a glass of red wine a days, really good for you. Good. Yes. Says she's all everybody present. Did you know? Hey, did you know that one? It's true. She's a wine. Oh, you're so sweeping. I love you. Thank you for coming on everyone. Go get her collection. Again, it's an IRA L Y N N collection dot com. And you're just.

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