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All right anyway and fifty out of the bay bridge is clearing out in the district on north bound DC two ninety five police with a crash it is causing delays in both directions popular WTOP traffic here's your storm team four four day forecast with Steve prince of valley it's a cold night for sure out there Stephanie were into the twenties now we head into the teens overnight tonight in many locales lower twenties in Washington the good news is those winds will diminish but still be a cold night cold start your day tomorrow lots of sunshine a later breeze than today that's good news I could be in the upper thirties to near forty remember average high this time of year about forty seven so several degrees below average tomorrow but again without that breeze will take the edge off just a bit Sunday friends will be great partly sunny milder back in the mid to upper forties typical for this time of year presidents day even milder still near fifty degrees with sun and some late day clout sword right through the weekend next round the showers rolling overnight Monday night really it'll be early on Tuesday some rain showers as you're heading back to school and work otherwise a milder day temperatures Tuesday mid to upper fifties numbers right now twenty seven and the L. twenty three in Purcellville and Clarksville Maryland twenty five down Steve thank you very much seven fifty one on T. O. P. abortion rights opponents gathering in Richmond Virginia today protesting legislation that would remove barriers for women seeking an abortion each life born into this world must be welcomed with thanksgiving.

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