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In like know like a little like Cracker packets or things just stuff to survive without a trade. Yeah. It did more than this basic necessity is you're being a snob and you're asking for too much and so when she actually has like pancakes for the first time. It's typing I opened experience there. So I figured out she starts experiences more the stuff here and her parents come back. I just want her to be like, hey, look, why didn't you ever give me a birthday or anything? You saw it or bring me cake, or just tell me you love me or something. Sure. I saw the movie. So yeah, I just felt underwhelmed I guess and maybe that's just me expecting bigger theme song from a movie then the director wanted your mean. I don't know. I think that I think that's absolutely valid the criticism of the ending. Although I I do you just reply just by saying like I do think that the parents wouldn't absorb any of what she says back to them any you know explanation is that maybe that's why the decision was made to to not show any anything like that any kind of big climax with the parents or anything like that of of you know her wage. You know telling them how she really feels or anything like that because it's going to fall on deaf ears. Anyway, I mean, they're those people have exhibited that they are never going to learn and never going to grow but she is and so she you know, does that more internally in a way I guess that's a good point. That's true. So she does made the change yourself to be a better person and you're right. Maybe she doesn't really need to tell them anything because I am selfish grown in to be a better person and she actually is with someone that actually does love her and not care. So it has have a very happy ending and that Faith. So yeah, good point interesting. Well, I think that about does it for kajillion are is there another movie you saw recently that you'd like to maybe recommend to our listeners? Yes. I saw Shack possessor. Okay possessor is wild and crazy and I had a great time talking about it on our piecing it together episode. I heard that yeah. Yep. It's got It's it's a weird one. That's for sure. I was just stuff Happening movie that I was just like not expectant at all. And I I really need to watch antiviral. I really do and I just yeah people a chance to watch what but possessor is really kind of wild and it was not playing at movie theaters. I had to go all the way to wash it and it wasn't playing at the local multiplexes added go to a different theater cuz it was called uncut right right though, even though she was never cut at all these put that down there to be the sound more dangerous I guess but yeah, it's brutal. I will say that for listeners out there. It's it's it's a brutal movie. There's if you're squeamish about violence on their birth. Yeah just proceed with caution because the movie is very violent. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Well burn thank you so much for doing this. But do you tell people again where they can find you in your podcast dead? Oh this dude. Yes some recall. Our website is Cinema recall find us on Twitter at Cinema. I'm just for a recall or just search for us in American Life podcast on your Google spear or clean or whatever search engine you use. Yeah. It's gotta be on one of those bowls Pier. I know whether you're long as you remember Ask Jeeves, you know, what if that still exists? I really hope are podcasts are on it. I don't know off 54321. That's how we do it at the five cast. Hi. I'm Tyler one of the Fantastic hosts of the five cast podcast along with Ben Pearson each week. We turn the listicle culture of the internet on its head to compile intricately prepared top five lists for your enjoyment. If wasting time talking about pop culture is your thing. We have movies. I had a really soft spot in my heart for Batman Forever music off. Engaged to a dream. Oh, yeah guess was considering putting the stone cold stunner in there, but you can check it out. There's sixty four names. They get voted on by the masses until there's only one name stage and Schwarzenegger movies son-of-a-bitch and just type in five guests. That's the number five past and we'll see a real soon take five. All right. So I hope you enjoyed that conversation about kajillion are thank you to the Vern for joining me on that one. Don't forget to check out our episode on his podcast send him a recall about possessor. That's coming up this week. So long as always I want to thank you all so much for listening to the show. If you've been enjoying piecing it together, I'd really appreciate some feedback, you know, you can rate and review us over on Apple podcast or Pod racer, but you could also just get in touch with me. I just like hearing how people are enjoying the show and I always appreciate that. You know, I'm just me basically sitting here putting a c e The other every week and sometimes twice a week or three times and driving myself nuts, but it's good to know that people are out there listening and people are enjoying what I'm doing. So. Get in touch. Let me know how you like the show and if you're ever interested in joining me for an episode also get in touch. Let me know. I'm always looking for new co-hosts. There are lots of movies for us to cover in coming months so that does it for today make sure you are following us on social media at piecing Pas join our Facebook group popcorn and puzzle pieces. I already told you about the page at the top of the show, but if you need another reminder, we got lots of bonus content patreon.com by David Rosen and the more subscribers we get the more content we're going to make so I'll go check it out. So let's leave you guys with a piece of music as I always do and as you know, I just released a new album its self-titled is just called David Rosen. It's my sixth album song. And it came out on October 4th. And I think I'm going to play something from that new album and this is a weird movie. So I'm going to play a week or track. How about that? I'm going to go with the song Hummingbird which I think is one of the weirder tracks on the album. So I think it'll be a good fit with a movie like kajillion are so this is hummingbird from my new album David Rosen, which is available on all the digital music Services as well as on a limited edition CD over on my band cam, which is David Rosen. Bandcamp.com. So check out that.

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