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As where's my car dude where's it nears at south shore or goes from Connecticut or from -Chusetts a we never went to Boston really yeah we would always just go because it was in the mountain and we just do feeling okay yeah so we we just stay at the top of the hill and then go home so my parents divorced and then I would go to Massachusetts because my dad had his new girlfriend there so he moved there and then we would get to go and go to a new place all the time which was super fun and then he moved to New York because he got a new girlfriend she in Albany like back and forth and then my mom got remarried and we moved down south oh honey it's time for our sweet sponsor Felix Gray you may not realize it but the average American blasts is with bright screens for eleven hours every day when you consider how much of our day revolves around our devices it doesn't seem so crazy you know I am always looking at screens especially checking social media on my phone the fact is we can't a- lemony extensive screen time from our lives Felix Gray glasses are available and nonprescription prescription and readers as well as adult and kid sizes whenever I wear them I get compliments on how great they look because they are so stylish I love wearing them when I'm I love wearing them when I'm not using my Peter I even wearing them when I'm not using my computer unlike other blue light filtering glasses Felix gray uses felix I uses proprietary blue light technology embedded into the lens.

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