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Wanted to pick your brain and get your perspective on on what that day. And what that vote was like with the protesters with all the interruptions was it as sort of chaotic as it felt watching on TV. Well, certainly the protesters up in the gallery made it chaotic those pretty unfortunate that just screams from from the protesters. I went out was walking that morning and went out amongst the protesters. To be pretty calm. There wasn't that larger group quite honestly, I think the news blown out of proportion chilly during the week. There was all kinds of intimidation inside the Senate buildings you'll screaming at people trying to get on elevators that type of thing. You're pretty unruly crowd. But. You what I really go back to is just the evidence and listening to the testimony. And and one thing that really stood out for me was when Dr Ford was testifying, and she said that you accepted the instant fell. Two weeks have been the worst two weeks of her life. Now. Those last two weeks. Those worst weeks weren't brought to her by Republicans. Right worst, two weeks for caused by democratic operatives who her name, even though she want remain anonymous her attorneys who apparently didn't even tell her. She could've stayed in California been interviewed by bipartisan investigators for the Senate Judiciary committee, but Democrats didn't really want to participate in that. So the Democrats wanted to spectacle, we wanted to show trial. They got it. They couldn't have cared less about Dr Ford. They wanted that spectacle. They got it. That's why Lindsey Graham called after most despicable display despicable parts. Partisan politics. He's ever seen. He's been politics. Very long time. So I'll take him at his word well, and so many people dug their heels in so early into this process that it didn't matter they weren't even listening anymore. And in the best example was Susan Collins. I was genuinely surprised at the. The amount of detail in research that she did to get to where to where she could go and vote in how articulate she was and in displaying that and talking about that in that forty five minutes, and it didn't matter. Nobody listen, nobody that was that didn't you know, those that does on the left those that didn't one cavenaugh they they didn't hear anything. She said they decide all fell on deaf ears because they had already decided in their minds the way they wanted this to go and the truth didn't matter. The main point the the people who decided nearly Democrats Republicans we kept an open mind, we were going to actually listen to the testimony. We're going to look at the FBI background reports. There had been corroborating evidence we want to support the nominee. But there was none. And I'll tell you Susan colleagues weren't surprised at all at how knowledgeable at the integrity. She she showed in deciding to vote for for Brett cabin. She's a really detailed person and say, I don't I don't agree with Susan on a host of issues, but I certainly have always recognized for is incredibly knowledgeable hardworking. And she displayed it silly during that speech. But none of her colleagues were surprised in terms of how did that in people have to understand that took enormous, political, courage and integrity for her to give that speech and and support the nomination because she's under coming. Blistering attack in Maine, and in Washington DC that took a great deal. Courage on a part of Susan to to go ahead and vote for confirmation coming into Saturday's hearing in Saturday's vote, what was your level of confidence? Were you were you pretty sure that you had the votes to confirm or were there. Still some question marks floating out there. Well, the coach revolted nobody really knew for sure. But once Susan gave that speech, and by the way, I was at the White House, and we were doing signing ceremony for the FAA five year. Reauthorization Bill Rex getting you're getting things done in the US that we really are. But we walked in the Oval Office and President Trump said so much present. She's her speech right now. I said, let's go watch it. So we literally left office went into an office right outside there. And we watch all forty three minutes of speech, and the president could not have been more complementary. He just kept saying she's doing great. I mean, look at look at all the time. And he was he could have been more impressed with Susan Collins. And of course, we we all cheered. When she finally announced she was gonna vote for confirmation. So the mystery was pretty well solved that point in time. There was a letter that was making the rounds from from chairman Grassley and towards the end of that letter he had made a demand or request for correspondence between Ford's team of lawyers in any Democrats on the Senate Judiciary committee curious to get your take on. What do you make of that request? Is there is there reason to believe that there was not to use an overused word, but collusion between members of the judiciary committee and forge legal team. It's really the story that ought to be written and investigate in terms of what type of cooperation coordination collusion was there between her attorneys other democratic operatives the democrat outside groups, again Democrats immediately declared Susan Collins pointed out there in an immediate. No, whoever the candidate was again, the resistance movements, very strong. And what I have to say you got an opportunity in Minnesota. Karin Housley the United States Senate in in Wisconsin. We can be like we retire Tammy Baldwin. That's we need to do is as conservative Republicans is people that actually do believe that our legal systems bedrock principle of presumption of innocence. Yeah. We need to get out. And we need to vote we need to be every bit as energize the left there and trying to take away our freedoms destroy that legal system in terms of preserving our liberty and freedom. So I'm just begging people in Minnesota, and Wisconsin, your conservative Republican, if you believe in the rule of law liberty and freedom get out and vote be every bit as energize Barack resistance movement, and the and the right is actually in a position at the moment to and that's not to say that they weren't before. But that is to say that there was a lot more baggage surrounding Trump than there is now, but even from CNN they had an article over the weekend. President Donald Trump's winning streak on Friday, trumpet, celebrated the best jobs data for forty nine years of the unemployment rate dipped to three point seven percent. Offering more proof of a vibrant economy that the president says has been unshackled by his tax reduction program and is cuts to business regulations. I mean, the the those running for office with the Republican party actually have substance that they? Can run on. And now the ability to point at the left didn't go look at how ridiculous the past six weeks was. Are concerned is always been that people become complacent. The biggest take is unbelievably strong economy for granted. -sconsin aren't employment rate is two point nine percent. Now three point seven you want it when I took a econ over at the university of Minnesota four point four five percent. We're below that. You can't find enough people to work for all the jobs that are that are open. So it's unbelievably strong economy, and that was an accident. That's because Republicans under Donald Trump we stopped and regulatory burden. We actually reduced it to a certain extent. We've more competitive tax system. We stop demonizing in punishing success. Between democrats. So again, you see what Democrats do the random mop, the vile threat during act ten here in Wisconsin governor Walker he ought to be reelected by acclamation. For how strongly do not take that. For granted. Don't be complacent the Democrats. They get power. They'll turn that right around. It will be back on the wrong path in Wisconsin. And in and in America. A call. Well, you might take him a call with us. Real quick Senator Johnson. Sure. Jim calling from Wisconsin. Good morning. You're on with Justice, and drew and Senator Ron Johnson. Good morning. Thank you for letting me come on mister Johnson. We really appreciate what you're doing in the Senate. My question to you is is I've become very very active since his cavenaugh thing and tell I mean, I've emailed you several times you responded. Well, if we get more power, let's say the Senate gets more power. Well, we get more into house. Will there be repercussions for any senators or any activists who brought these false allegations? Or did any wrongdoing behind the scenes? That's what we give you guys more power. Well, jim. Standpoint the best thing we can do is expose the left for who. They are in. What's frustrating for dessert is the mainstream media is completely in the tank their part and parcel of that coordinated effort of the left. Now. That's what's so frustrating. You we do have talk radio shows like this. That is why we are so frustrated, but the best thing we can do is expose it. And it's being exposed. It's one of the reasons I think that people like Susan Collins and Jeff flake in the end decided to vote for confirmation. They started getting the, you know, we saw the article about how Leland Kaiser was pressured by her friends, you start taking one goes interconnections between you know, what a very small knit group. These attorneys are for Dr Ford as well. So no, I believe this is a pretty well coordinated effort in the best way we can do as exposed to. But the best the best way to respond to make sure we elect Karin Housley, and that is our best refined. And the way we do that. Jim is you have taught you have to vote. You get your family members vote. Your friends your neighbors. Everybody who. Values liberty and freedom and due process in the presumption innocent have got to get out. And you gotta make their wishes known at the ballot box in four short weeks. Yeah, I agree with you one hundred percent. I look at this very much like I look at you know, sort of the free market sort of approach to to politics, I would like to see the bad behavior by the Democrats be punished at the electoral box punished on election day punished by the electorate, and I would like to see the Republicans get rewarded for the way that they've handled this, and I think that is the best way to handle this. And I I agree with you. One hundred percent Senator Ron Johnson. Really? Appreciate your time this morning. Thanks for joining us. Yeah. Absolutely. Take care. So we have just enough time before we wrap the show up this morning. I think drew that. It's important that we take a moment. And we examined and read some incredible thoughts from Twitter's blue check.

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