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This is boxing with Chris Manning are somebody punch him in the face. Anthony Joshua is a composed and ferocious finisher. Watch this. Ruiz is the heavyweight champion. Hosted by SI's Chris mannix. That was my moment. Now with interviews and analysis and everything going on in the world of boxing. When you have talent, you are given another chance here's Christmas. All right, welcome back to another episode of boxing with Chris mannix part of the volume sports podcast network. We have an amazing show for you this week. The demise of HBO has been a popular topic amongst boxing fans for some time now. James Andrew Miller, who is one of the great oral historians of our time has written terrific books on ESPN, Saturday Night Live. He did a deep dive book on HBO including the rise and fall of boxing at HBO. James joins me on the podcast to discuss that very topic. How HBO got into the business and how ultimately HBO quietly got out of the business. A little bit later on, Regis program, the former 140 pound champion, he has been relatively quiet in 2021. That is not a lot of fighters have been willing to step up and to fight him. I talked to Regis about that about his new deal with the fledgling promotional outfit and what he hopes to accomplish in 2022. As always, best way to support this podcast, get over to Apple podcasts, post a comment, leave a rating, it's simple, it's easy, it's free. It's the best way to make sure that we keep doing this podcast week after week. That's it. All right, onto the show. All right, there's no greater writer of oral histories, among other things, than James Andrew Miller. He's the author of books like powerhouse, live from New York, these guys have all the fun. His latest project is tinderbox, HBO's ruthless pursuit of new frontiers, which you can pick up everywhere that you buy books and Jim Carrey, because you want me here. On the show, Jim, let's just start before we get into the boxing part of this, which is obviously what I want to dive into. The name was interesting to me right off the bat. Why tinderbox, because I think that, you know, look for the past 49 years at different incarnations and different key inflection points in its history. HBO has been flammable. It's been one of these things that not only ignites change within the network itself..

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