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Markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg Right now western P futures down 12 points now features down a 104 NASDAQ futures down 48 and the ten year treasury of 6 30 seconds yield three 1% Nathan Karen will have more on the markets in just a minute First we want to get you the latest on the future of Boris Johnson The UK prime minister has managed to cling to power Let's go live to London and get the very latest from Bloomberg's UN pots Good morning Good morning Nathan and Karen Win for Boris Johnson in a vote among lawmakers in his own Conservative Party the UK prime minister has secured the numbers to remain as leader but more than 40% of his colleagues indicated they had no confidence in his leadership That was a worse result than that suffered by his predecessor Theresa May under official party rules he can not now be challenged again for another 12 months but rules can be changed and many expect leadership questions to continue In London I'm your own part spin back day break All right you win thank you Now the latest on the war Russia has banned dozens of U.S. officials from entering the country we get details from Bloomberg's Amy Morris and our 99 one newsroom in Washington Treasury secretary Janet Yellen and BlackRock's Larry Fink are among the 61 U.S. officials and executives indefinitely banned by Russia retaliation for what it called constantly expanding sanctions against its citizens This as Ukraine is in talks with the United Nations to craft a deal between turkey and Moscow to restart shipments of grain from ports blocked by Russia Meanwhile shortly after the UK joined the U.S. in pledging to send longer range missiles to Ukraine Russia's president Putin threatened to strike new targets if those weapons are delivered In Washington I'm Amy Morris Bloomberg daybreak Amy thank you turning to U.S. politics It is a primary election Super Tuesday 7 states led by California and New Jersey are heading to the polls for the busiest day of voting before the general election in November Claremont McKenna college political scientist Jack pitney has more on a major theme playing out in California Crime and homelessness If you talk to anybody who has recently visited Los Angeles they'll be shocked at the homeless encampments all over the city It's a huge humanitarian problem and one that the city government has not been able to manage very effectively Claremont McKenna's Jack pitney says it is affecting the democratic race for Los Angeles mayor pitting congresswoman Karen Bass against tough on crime billionaire Rick Caruso It is also feeling the race for attorney general in California two Republicans and a Republican turned independent are running to unseat democratic incumbent rob banta As for congressional races Republican David valadao is facing a tough primary challenge He was one of the ten House Republicans who voted to impeach former president Donald Trump last year Well in New Jersey Nathan Republican contenders are hoping to crack the state's blue wall in today's primary and Bloomberg's Michael Barr has the latest Today's primary has a field of 35 GOP candidates many online with former president Trump However the governor's seat and the legislature are controlled by Democrats and the party holds ten of the 12 congressional seats One race to keep an eye on is New Jersey's third district Jim owner Ian Smith who refused and ordered to close his business during the pandemic is among three Republicans running against Democrat Andy Kim The third district is a politically divided area that voted for Trump by a narrow margin in the 2020 election In New York Michael Barr Bloomberg daybreak Okay Michael thanks In corporate news deal or no deal Looks like Elon Musk's buyers remorse will not get him out of his acquisition of Twitter Let's get more on that line from Bloomberg's renita young renita Good morning Nathan Elon Musk is reviving his argument that Twitter has a serious bot problem and he's threatening to walk away from the deal if the social media giant does not do more to prove that its users are real people But Bloomberg sources say behind the scenes the deal is still proceeding Twitter thinks it's in the best interest of all shareholders and wants the quiet to close the transaction And it's possible that Twitter could try to sue Musk to complete the deal if he tries to walk away Live in New York I'm Renee young Bloomberg daybreak All right we need to thank you Apple out with new software and services at its worldwide developers conference fresh features include an updated iPhone lock screen multitasking for the iPad in a pay later service that brings apples into the finance industry We discussed the move with creative strategies president Carolina milanesi from the event in California I think the core of it is that it's going to be so much easier for people to use Apple Pay to just use that as a default versus using the plethora of other options that you have in the market It's about integration is about taking away every little bit of friction that you have in the experience Creative strategies president Carolina Bologna expects apple's new pay later features to be helpful for both small businesses and consumers Turning to the economy Karen JPMorgan Chase chief economist Bruce kasman says there's little chance a recession is imminent I think what we're going to see is growth continue to be on the softer side but growth continue to show resilience We don't see a near term recession we see a global economy which actually does okay in the second half of the year with the U.S. slowing And the rest of the world doing somewhat better JPMorgan Chase chief economist Bruce kasman comments differ from his boss Jamie Dimon Last week diamond said investors should be ready for an economic hurricane As tighter monetary policy inflation and Russia's invasion of Ukraine pose ongoing risks And futures are lower this morning S&P futures down 17 points down futures down a 132 and NASDAQ futures down 68 ten year treasury up 6 30 seconds to yield 3.01% in the yield on the two year 2.71% and straight ahead your latest local headlines plus a check of sports and this is Bloomberg.

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