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Four year old boy for shot at in -partment complex and south Sacramento witnesses. Save a soft five min after Friday night's shooting and the Sacramento county sheriff's office believes the victims were targets of attack. A twenty seven year old woman died at the hospital after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds, V injured included a thirty year old man who was taken to the hospital in critical condition. A twenty six year old man and the young boy were listed in stable condition. It's also unclear how the four victims are related. Detectives have not yet determined motive for the attack. A forty two year old man is missing in the Sacramento county sheriff's office is asking for the public's help in finding him. Danieli Roberts was last seen walking away from his residence in Moore's avenue. Roberts is described as developmentally delayed and may become disor. Oriented easily Jordan. Christmas news, ninety three point one k f k now traffic and weather together. The right lane westbound on foreign road. West of highway ninety nine will be closed at bowling drive from ten pm until six AM for installation of gasline going on now until may thirty first northbound five some pavement work from airport boulevard, drainage now, in the right lane that begins at ten pm and goes through the night until nine tomorrow morning, southbound five roadwork as well between Alcorn rest area and airport boulevard from ten pm until eight tomorrow morning and long-term construction happening on westbound eighty between Bowman and Hanes on the shoulder that continues through the end of the year. Traffic on the tens every ten minutes. Mornings and afternoons Daniel Jennings. News ninety three point one. K. F. B. K. Rain at times overnight, low fifty showers.

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