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The assembled mourners laugh with one story about how she works so well with anyone who was on the air with her she would work with Bruce Katz they were wonderful together one day on the air last week Bruce apparently referred to her as a referred to himself as a TV husband somebody looks me in the newsrooms John did you just hear what Bruce said so during a commercial I walked out there is that Bruce I was her TV husband back off the thousands in attendance at that memorial a woman who said she knew Parker as a mom because their kids attended the same school together okay that same age see inviting my kids or how they had sleepovers things game the great enough bass I mean she's just in she was one of the parents I was looking forward to seeing this school year it well the fox a banker died a week ago in a small plane crash near that all is like for an airport while she was doing a story on local pilot Franklin Augusta's who also died in the crash meanwhile memorial services continue for former Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco a public visitation is under way at Saint John the evangelist cathedral in Lafayette W. WLTW it's it's open until eight o'clock tonight it resumes at eight o'clock tomorrow morning a funeral mass follows at ten thirty dozens paid their respects to the late governor yesterday in baton Rouge former governor Bobby Jindal and current governor John bel Edwards were among the many political figures there along with Blanca's family and Ellis you study finds Mississippi River diversions can actually do more harm than good for wetlands restoration W. W. all David Blake reports the study looked at three different diversions and found land loss instead of creating or maintaining the lan coastal sciences professor Jane Turner says that runs contrary to the prevailing opinion on how to restore the coast what's going to happen next Turner says he's not sure what the exit plan will be if any of these diversions don't work out president trump lashes out that China and the fed chairman BBS news update president trump is again blasting the federal reserve for being very weak and doing nothing as China promises to impose a new round of terrorists on US products CBS's we Jiang says chair Jerome Powell has said the fed would cut interest rates more if needed no power to take action the palace said look there's only so much I can do and I can't do it just in response to you know these other things that you're doing to toy with the economy and get into trade wars with one of the most powerful economies in the world China's teraplex on seventy five billion dollars of American products are in retaliation for Mr trump's planned increase economists bill Adam says it puts our economy at risk the broader affected it is not so much on how much this increases consumer prices in the United States but how much this affects the risk that their eventual job losses and and business stresses in a in a future recession CBS news update on Pam Coulter well this weekend could put you on the road to stardom as W. W. alters Miller reports American idol is holding open auditions in baton Rouge if you think you could be the next Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood American idol supervising producer Patrick Lynn encourages you to head to baton Rouge this Sunday he says come prepared to sing parts of three songs and he's got some advice don't spend a lot of time meandering at the beginning of the song that gets to a certain point but you want to show off it's kind of like get right into it you know give us a verse and a chorus you know something something good he says the auditions are free so you have nothing to lose but you could gained worldwide fame the addition start at nine AM Sunday and run through five PM what farmers insurance says it's seen a thing or two but even that company you might be surprised by how all rental car got damaged in Yellowstone National Park don't don't don't don't don't video shows one of dozens of bison stampeding through the park and then it remains the vehicle cracking the windshield why should weigh up to two thousand pounds in run up to thirty miles an hour a family member called the incident on video after the herd brought traffic to a standstill no one was injured in the car not clear how the bison feels I can't believe we did take the insurance Pam Coulter CBS news and a rough day on Wall Street the Dow down six hundred twenty three points the nasdaq off two hundred thirty nine and oil futures fell a dollar fifty seven of fifty three seventy eight a barrel yeah W. W. well sports is sports update is brought to you by B. A. S. F. we create chemistry training camp is in the books for the saints color analyst to some callous or says safety von bell quietly had a great camp he is taking the next step and the right now he's probably even elevating to another level the same take on the New York Jets tomorrow night in the preseason kick off from MetLife stadium set for six thirty right here on W. W. well Christian Garrick W. to me well sports today on sports talk with Bobby a barren Christian correct one of the biggest surprises from saints training camp and where does the team need to show the most improvement in preseason game number three huddle up for Chile today here on the home of the saints and Ellis you W..

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