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I the comedy store said to me that Michael Shang Louis coming with Michael Chang was one of the original guitarist scorpions and this him and his brother, and then he went off he's a fucking wild man and his own stuff, the MSG group and all this stuff. And. They told me that fucking April. Fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth. He was doing three nights at one of the clubs in town, which give gogo troubadour. I think it's a whiskey. I was blown the fuck away. Finally, I was gonna go see your fucking live band on the Tuesday. I was I think we picked Tuesday night through and have a podcast we got on. And then when the band is finished redone on the comedy store for Tuesday that was the plant also get this fucking movies. And I can't do now. Now, let's not tell you. What was I depressed Yam fucking the press. I was looking forward to it. I was hoping the call me and said they switch my shooting date to the eighteenth on the seventeenth Wednesday. Definitely I go. See Mike was the mon-. I but. Things didn't work out. And sometimes you gotta sacrifice just to fuck in. What am I what am I ten? I'm gonna knock do something because you'll see I gotta be that Tuesday ready to go. I figured I'd get it in the mall at two in the afternoon. I gotta go to wardrobe. I'll get a nice light fucking dinner. And then go to the role, maybe smoking number and just go to bed and fuck and get up and work. That's that's it. That's cool. It's been it's been a few years since he did a movie, you know, man. When I got here there were shooting more movies with may different types of movies. I don't get those calls anymore, and I can't lie. I do I still get caused for ton of fucking shit. The problem is again with the podcast and the family. And if it's a gamble if I'm doing something for money, but I really don't like the side or something like that. Guess what? I'd rather. Not do. I I've always known that when it comes to acting like when I first got. Yeah. When additions, and I made my stakes, but then once I started booking, I got the hang of it. And then after a while something else happens you start getting cocky, you start cherry picking cherry picked with backing like with science like before I would cherry pick a role. I would think it what from all directions. Like, what is this to do for me for years the day? Somebody put up a short film. Why play the science cook? Teacher. Louis the teach or something like that these all the movies. I was doing after the right to strike they will hundred dollar a day movies. You gotta bring your own fucking close. You gotta shoot avowed fucking hours because they don't have enough money to shoot it to place at the end of the day. They're just fucking practice on acting because nine of the ten don't go. Anyway, I'll tell you this with all my heart yet. There was a movie years ago that made somebody to check from the clays would movie when she was a boxer. Yeah. She did a hundred dollar day move, and it blew up some movie million dollar baby girl from million dollar baby right before a million dollar baby did a hundred dollar day movie and the fucking thing blew up. So people like pushing them movies this pay the fucking pay sag, and I pay a lot of money. Even though I don't do like adult do dick compared to what I used to do. So the sag you gotta pay them twice a year. And let the end of the year they add up what you made..

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