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PC Richard and son New York March so it was interesting Roger Friedman of movie business boxoffice down fifty percent over last year that's the biggest drop ever more people watching Netflix and it's got apple Netflix Amazon all that stuff and they're slowly trying to take over the music business you got apple music and now Amazon is starting their own music streaming with advertising so that way it's free this is really hurting Spotify Pandora Spotify their stocks dropping now remember you got I heart that's the best apps for music just type in the whatever you want to hear and that nobody has a bigger library play list and I heart but said this film figure out the model no right now the new Disney video streaming I think you got ten million people the first day but you have to start paying a lot of money for this if you know who has the stuff now you can get who you won't need cable you can sign up for this thing on who we can watch all the cable stations alive on Hulu it's fifty five dollars a month if you're going to fifty nine dollars a month but that's the first major service where you can just on your phone and your tablet whatever wherever sign up for Hulu you can watch all the cable channels live from fox news to a indeed a Bravo to whatever so this is the beginning of the end the only thing you need cable for because you get a life the the the what the only thing that we thought of yet anyway we a lot coming up in the next hour bill O. Reilly will be with us we'll get to vin man and his uniform and the the story about him moving his family to the army base will get all that coming up don't forget rush at noon Sean Hannity of three Joe concha at six I'm here every day ten to noon back after the news on seven ten W. O. R. York's most entertaining live and local talk show for your ride W. O. R. tonight with Joe concha six till nine weeknights on seven ten W. I heart radio station forty two degrees at eleven o'clock good morning Joe Bartlett's it's just been a school bus with kids in an empty a bus with dozens of writers on board caught in gunfire in Brooklyn this morning this school bus with children on board hit as a hail of gunfire erupted as part of an argument in Brooklyn about nine this morning none of the kids were hurt a sources say there was some sort of confrontation near Pennsylvania dumont avenues and person opened fire from across one of four school buildings that are in school bus apparently hit by a bullet a man in his forties was shot and is not expected to survive further details as they become available a man who sounded the alarm about president trump's phone call with Ukraine's president says the conversation was inappropriate lieutenant colonel Alex vin bin and says Ukraine's present was being asked to investigate Joe Biden's son and the company that he works for I was concerned by the call what I heard was inappropriate and I afford my concerns to Mr Eisenberg it is improper for the president of the United States to demand a foreign government investigate a US citizen and a political opponent then it tells the house intelligence committees public hearing that he reported his concern up the chain of command my intent was to raise these concerns because they had significant national security implications for our country I never thought that I'd be sitting here testifying in front of this committee and American public about my actions another witness vice presidential a Jennifer Williams says she found the call on usual meanwhile the president's unannounced visit to the doctor over the weekend raising eyebrows again this morning as happened on Saturday the president went to Walter Reed this was not on his schedule after this appointment the daughter of the president tweeted that he was in great health but the speculation ran rampant it was a late night Stephen from the doctor least overnight he called this a routine planned interim checkup the doctor says it was kept off the record because of quote scheduling uncertainties we know that the exam lasted about an hour the doctor saying quote despite some of the speculation the president has not had any chest pain nor was he evaluated or treated for any urgent or a cute issues corresponded Cecilia Vega to prison guards going to be in court later today charge in connection with the death of Jeffrey abstain they were supposed to perform checks on abstain every half hour the ninety was found hanged in his jail cell instead of thirty say they falsified logs claiming that they made the checks will pot to be legalized in New Jersey well that's going to be up to voters it will be on the ballot in twenty twenty well there's not enough support among trend lawmakers to get legislation through to legalize weed so instead of trying again legislative leaders have now introduced a resolution that would allow residents to decide as a ballot question next November's we put in there but actually you know sometimes they don't speak for us so let the voters say what they have to say on the ballot it's a good idea to vote on it far as legalizing and I think it'll cause more problems we can control alcohol and tax it make money off of it what can you do with marijuana the New Jersey voters will go for this probably not I'm Scott Pringle W. or do Attorney General attention James has announced a lawsuit against the E. cigarette company jul she alleges they engaged in deceptive marketing practices the targeted kids and misrepresented the safety of the product meanwhile there's a breakthrough apparently in the investigation into vaping deaths the Wadsworth center and all the New York making a stunning public health discovery scientific-atlanta's former than fifty patients here they isolate the liquid to spin it put it into a file then loaded into a specialized machine to extract the oil it represents a potentially dangerous additive in some marijuana vaping products vitamin E. acetate and we should tell you when it came to legal medical marijuana the lab did not find any vitamin a acetate they found it overwhelmingly in black market products that they tested that is correspondent Jill Benitez it's eleven OO for weather on Wall Street next only well all riser and Helen hunt from the new man you people here watch TV one shell into the three on NBC for then it for alarming claims about the chemicals in products you use every day these concentrations really do build up and why some experts say teens may be most vulnerable are allowed behind the label today on news.

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