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This is houston matters. I'm craig cohen test releases of windows. Eleven are being this week. The rest of us will have access to the latest generation of microsoft's operating system by the end of the year. it brings with it changes in design function and compatibility but some computers have been running windows. Ten may not be able to handle it when faced with developments in technology particularly consumer tech. We seek the advice of houston area consumer tech journalist dwight silverman from forbes. Dwight good morning. Good morning as we have you with us as we discussed that. And some other tech trends we welcome your questions for dwight silverman about all things tech at seven one. Three four zero eight seventy or talk at houston matters dot org all right. I wait what what is new about windows. Eleven You know some time ago microsoft evangelists and And the company didn't deny added time said windows ten would be the last version of windows and Suddenly earlier this year we got wind that there was actually going to be a new version and they announced it last week. It's it's windows eleven They have kind of modernize the interface. Pretty it up quite a bit. It looks actually like a lot like mac. Os big sur. A lot of the design elements have been borrowed from apple's desktop operating system including moving the start button to the middle of the task bar Lots more transparency rounded corners softer colors and That's kind of the look of it. There are some other features like the ability to take virtual desktops and brew both windows and apps specifically on them and Kind of improving on its staff technology. Let's previously just let you snap windows to the sides of things do. Was there any indication as to why microsoft decided. Now we're going to go ahead and do a whole new operating system. Well not really. I mean i think probably they're looking at the idea that that They need something to drive. sales of. pc's They needed because they did need to. Kind of modernize those ten because it in terms of a look at him if it kind of become dated They also needed to compete with apple and one other way. They have added the ability to run android apps on the desktop. If you remember when apple introduced its new macs with its own chip. The one chip. That was the same kind of chip that used in their phones and ipads You could run now. Iphone ipad apps on max and so this is kind of a response to that a lot of windows. Eleven seems to be a response to kind of what apple is doing among the changes. The redesigned windows store will include the amazon app. Store is the significant. Well that's the android part Amazon has its own app store specifically for its fire tablets They don't use. Google play store which is kind of the general overall android apps source. They have their own one of the issues with this is that it doesn't have everything fits in the android. Google play store. It's a fraction of of caps Soft has said they will allow what's called side loading where you bring in android apps from outside a store and that will help but that also opens things up to a malicious apps which android has a problem with microsoft and apple have been in competition for so many years. I wonder could we ever see a day when a microsoft operating system like windows is fully compatible with apple's smartphones and vice versa. Apple's mac operating system would be fully compatible with android phones probably not because particularly mainly because of the way apple works apple is building a walled garden. Ecosystems so that Iphones and macs work together. Well and Even their tv's Platform tv os on the apple. Tv four k even that interacts with everything else. So there they they want to keep things within the family so to speak and while you can do things you can connect an android phone to a mac can kind of see the files and so forth in there it's it's pretty rudimentary and i don't think it'll be a cold day in hell before i think you see android fully integrate with the match back to windows eleven. We will folks with windows. Ten automatically get upgraded will be one of those automatic updates and boom. It's there so this has been a matter of much consternation announcement One of that microsoft has updated and made more stringent the hardware requirements. A lot of the older machines that are now running windows. Ten cannot run windows. Eleven one of the biggest issues is a component. Call t pm two point. Oh chip and this is a process. Or sometimes it's just software emulating processor that has to do with security and Microsoft is requiring this for windows however over the weekend there were some documents that surfaced on microsoft's website that said. Oh no wait. It doesn't need to be Two point oh it can be one version one point two and then there were some other documents that said in some circumstances. You don't need it at all and people freaked out. Microsoft rewrote the documents and pulled an app that it had talked about during its announcement that check to see if your pc is compatible. They if they call it caused so many problems And getting so much bad information that they yanked it and so it's been kind of really kind of i think to use this word but it's true it was kind of a botched rollout of this not just in in those terms but also i understand just in terms of announcing windows eleven. The even had problems in in that initial announcement right. Yes yes they doing a livestream and it's similar to the way apple does it. Does its announcements and google as well and it just it died in a for a lot of platforms. They had a special platform just set up for analysts and press to watch And it died. I then they said go to twitter and it died on twitter. The one that stayed up the best. I think it was youtube. Google product and And then i think they also had like a mainstream app just for fans to watch And data and that did okay but for the most part if it really choked so is there at the moment any way for somebody who owns a computer with a windows ten operating system on it to know if their computer will be able to handle windows. Eleven when it comes well. Microsoft does have a set of hardware clark and you can find that on on microsoft's site and a lot of the stories including mine on forbes that that wrote about it you could see what they are but It's difficult to tell because first of all they have cold this. Pc it's called the pc health check out. They've pulled that It seems to be something of a moving target. microsoft isn't being specific about what processes We'll run it. They don't have that firm list out yet. So it's kind of up in the air if you are interested though in trying and you're in you're brave There's a thing in windows. Ten call the insider bills And you can find this in the settings and you essentially say okay. I'll try unfinished.

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