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We have talked about it a little bit, but in episode 8, it's actually entitled Lionel, so it's named after Jeff's father. And he's trying to grapple with everything. The realization of what his son is. And he ends up blaming things on his ex-wife, the pills that she took during pregnancy with Jeff. The fact that she wasn't around much doesn't really like to focus on the fact that he wasn't around very much. And there's even a line where Jeff mentions the taxidermy and as soon as Jeff brings it up, Lionel's there with me. He immediately denies it. None of this is my fault I didn't do this. Don't blame me for this. And the impression that I got was Lionel Dahmer's really seemed he felt guilty about his son being a murderer, but he's also simultaneously trying to cast that blame off on somebody else. Is that a pretty accurate takeaway? Yeah, yeah, I think so. And I don't have children, so it's hard for me to kind of comment, but I mean, I imagine if I had kids and I had somebody, you know, a child who had done what Dahmer had done, you know, you have this sort of this horror of, you know, wanting to blame something or someone, but also feeling that guilt. Like I was absolutely having that guilt. And I mean, in terms of that whole taxidermy thing and kind of that interest and roadkill and whatever. I mean, you know, he can't deny that he encouraged that interest in it. But, you know, it's hard to know whether or not that really how much that really contributed to it. I do know that when I was in custody and he was seeing psychiatrists and they kind of proposed the idea of, well, you know, maybe it was because he was sort of doing all these strange things in this little shed that they had on the property, which is where

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