Ryan Hoyer, Josie Juul, Chicago discussed on MSU Football vs. Iowa


To would 52 to go sparked pastrana opened the big tibbs season with a win here at home over a very physical iowa hawkeye team had so far so good michigan state seventeen iowa ten i would just burdett's last time out second down about seven for the spartans that the thirty seven yard line of iowa i as offset laugh by lucas in front of lj for working czechs also golina's scrummage and we have a flag start offense number seventy five yard penalty second out of a stake up on the offensive line six penalties for fifty yards six for forty two against iowa brian yorkey going back to get some communication straight with eltingh scott for a reason shower it regarded he was a slap in the ball second down twelve back at the forty one yard line handoff that lj rugs who was right smith is out of the grass but the line of scrimmage and falls forward to the thirty eight yard light tough three yards per lj nathan budgett a makes the tackle for iowa third down nine clock running with two and a half left the balls that the thirty eight yard line of iowa spartans with a seventeen to ten leed l j thirteen carries for thirty two tough yards right now the clock is your friend here we're door slow it's possible will get down i let writer of 202 and call timer spartans left at play clock run down to a splitsecond a then took a time out with down to 202 as jason said 202 to go in the game and we gotta woke up axel hoyer father of former star quarterback ryan hoyer now the san francisco forty nine irs up here at the game on the grab a proper too and one of those famous burgers he he loves will we level do yeah grimes that british strong career is he has undrafted about their started up a high tom brady with new england and now the starter in san francisco substabnce along the way including last year with the chicago bears michigan state third of nine bought up to thirty eight yard line of iowa 202 to go with a game thai back yemba workey has lj to his right and the shotgun delayed handoff lj hit the back field knocked out by guess who josie juul back at the forty two a.

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