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This most recent coloured came through around seven AM crews once again sent to this home olive, and I were witnesses identified him suspects. Stephen the area. However would our arrived. They were no longer there. No further together, Fresno Phya campaign. Robert Custodio says crews arrived to find multiple blazes within the one structure. It was pretty clear that they intentionally said. And they were just small buyers throughout the building the two suspects, a male and female seen leaving the hung Mun. The search continues for them department figures revealed that the e five vacant structure FIS this year is described they continued problem dominant. Mcandrew Cam Jane news, the California Senate about to become more liberal Cam. Jay's Aaron Abadia reports Democrats officially getting a super majority in the state Senate debtor Sanger city, councilwoman ballitser Donohoe defeated incumbent Andy Vinik Hanford racist considered one of this past midterms. Most surprising given her status as a political newcomer Bakersfield assemblyman Rudy sellers. Managing the hold onto his seat long Democrats to maintain their super majority in the assembly the fifty five seats compared Republicans eighteen air debate. You gay? Jay news, a limited number of California. Fresh turkeys are for sale this time of year. Cam J, zag director, Dan York reports California Turkey farmers only produce about a third of all fresh turkeys soldier. The holiday season, but because of strong demand, the California Farm Bureau Federation is reminding shoppers to buy early before supplies of fresh California turkeys run out, according to farm bureau, the California poultry federation says the state's Turkey production may be slightly larger than last year at nearly twelve million birds. Still supplies are limited John York. KM J news over to Wall Street. The Dow down seventy two points, it's twelve or three a k m j valley weather right now, sixty three sunny.

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