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That's the difference. Yep, and the paw Pelosi attack was just the continuation of January 6th. It's never ended. Jeff teeter said, congratulations to the literally zero Republicans who are denouncing their colleagues for lying and joking about an 82 year old man being beaten with a hammer. You whole cowards are a real class act. Sergeant Joker tweets, if you want to know what maga Republicans care about, they've raised more money for David lips defense in 48 hours than they raised to help the victims of the mass shooting in Raleigh four weeks ago. And one last one, Andrew workman says shocking how not a single kid actually received her was dosed with rainbow fentanyl in their Halloween candy after Fox and their right wing echo chamber fear mongered about it for the past two months. Yeah. It's almost like nothing's actually true in the right wing. I mean, it's as if they don't know what drug dealers do. Yes. Right. Give their stuff away. Right. Right. One more. Sean Patrick maloney. Of course, we'll accept the outcome of the elections. I always have always will. And we're very concerned about the integrity of our elections. Especially when people are trying to intimidate people with weapons when they're engaged in these tactics to try to undermine confidence. Now, we're going to accept the results of the election. That's the American way. Yeah. Speaking of which, uncle Rob Reiner says, Republicans are literally willing to kill to get power. Our strongest weapon against them is the vote, but if we don't use that weapon in the next 7 days, we may be disarmed forever. Yep. Laura in Virginia on the very same subject, hey Laura, welcome. Hello. Hi. Hi. Yeah, I just want to say something else you mentioned earlier. Malcolm X is dead on. And like as Charlie said, you know, they're just beyond reach and logic and reason now. And we all need to just start referring to them as the radicalized right. So that's what they are. They are mega terrorists. That's what they are. And we need to constantly say that we need to push all of the Democrat to say that. We need to push back on the media when they refuse to call them what they are, radicalize, and their domestic terrorists, and that's it. We can't take it anymore. Yeah, there are no both sides do it in the Paul Pelosi attack. Exactly. But thanks for checking in. Is she something last hour? I did. What the hell Herschel? Yes. Oh. Well, here it is. Chris is really psyched it's grammar related. Uh huh. Oh yay. Oh no. This is gonna hurt him with hurts us. He feels a pronoun. I'm like, I'm tired, my pronoun is sitting tired of these pronouns. So right now, these pronouns gotta get out men and women in the service Kia. Let me tell you China and Russia and Iran have talked about no pronoun. They're talking about war and yet we're talking about pronouns. What? Oh no, he's not done. Oh, no. Now there's pronoun thing. I'm going to tell you what, they got to get some off service member with this pronouns. Chain Iran and Russia not talking about pronouns. They don't care about no pronouns of grenade or have no pronouns on it. Bullets don't care what color your skin is and then talking about pronouns. I'm sick and tired of pro now. My pronouns sig and tired of this pro now thing. A grenade is an it. Exactly. That's a pronoun. That's its pronoun. It is. Yeah. That is correct. His anti woke, something. Yeah, I don't know if that's something. I think that's just his feet against literacy. Okay, right. Yes. Speaking of. Okay, so this was Obama made a joke about, you know, in being famous and if you ran up doing an airport, would you want him to fly your plane? Because he would not be qualified for either that. Or being a United States. Fairly qualified for football. Yeah, okay. Did Obama mention that when you were talking about rehearsal flying a plane, I don't want to fly a plane. I'm not a pilot. I'm a football player. I'm a politician. I'm a lover, and

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