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So it's not nice. Ministry fiend around for other cities me on me on me on to would you around for the new even so i just love show. Shorty yellow the way. He's been on right now. I've been listening to him. I also talked about good girl. I've been really really talking about them and pushing them. So i'm not gonna make listen to a samba. They do have more visuals out so go look at them. They're singing their dancing. It's quarantine and they're giving us things to look at. So i just love that also really quickly. I just remembered i have to shot off. Family really really fast. Because there is a video out and i remember this earlier so i wanna make sure i have. This pulled up for you at the same damn time as i'm doing it for my damn self. So lewis york. They dropped the visuals. Well i mean. I just love the fact that they're always giving us something. They dropped the project last year. Was it last year. I feel like we're quarantining. We've been doing this for a minute. I'm so sorry. I know years asante right. Tom is really mashed together. I wish i had a report like oh boy from atlanta anyway. Lewis your featuring jimmy allen. They dropped the official video for me. Song it's an amazing amazing song We heard it first when we got the preview shots. Afraid you know you. Did the bomb listening party. That was the shit. Thank but the the music. The song is still amazing. And now we have great visuals to go with it as well. great visual rather to go with as well. So please if you when you're just looking for things to watch. I'm trying to give you could thanks to watch an inferior to with and also great music to fill with this. Well we Charlotte a chart a chart clot and chuck. They're just two amazing people that make amazing music and they gave us an amazing visual so ever lose that does over here for the music. Man segment now. Dustin ross i would love to know what have you been watching over there in tv land. shout out to the miss. Usa pageant Her name is asia ranch. She was miss. Mississippi word on the curve sees a trump supporter. so i was just. I heard that. So i found out for sure but i just want to know as a branch how fitting for trump supporter to be miss usa. It won't last long sweetie so just we have it now. What town out those fake or not but apparently struck the f. Bah she did. I say or not but apparently she was so you know this is a you know. We're gonna stand back and standby no since you trump. That we use her language we stand beckett standby and we'll see what he really goes down and i heard her feet was asked when she wine anyway. Moving on we all know this week is the premiere of the real housewives a salt lake city. We have pledged to watch it as a family here at the fringe zone. So everybody be on the lookout for that. It actually airs tonight. Wins day the day that this episode drop so tune in. We'll be talking about it next week. fox soul cocktails queens fox so established with angelie fact soul out loud clark written and actually faulk seoul The mike and danny show mike. He'll show cynthia hill's husband. Speaking of cynthia bailey hill and her husband. I was at her damn wedding. And i've noticed in the headlines recently that a very badly dressed housewife from potomac giselle bryant said that she had to leave the reception because she was uncomfortable. 'cause everybody started taking their mask off first of all. No we did not know we did. Not first of all second of all giselle was uncomfortable at the reception because no one was talking to her. And i witnessed that with my own eyes. I'm talking about shifting. I know design was sitting back in a very ugly suit with pearls. All over it and some big ass shoes had the same thing on the modules raining outside but she had them thick asks us on with pearls all and she had a stupid ass face shield with her name and rhinestones on it and no one was even asking it. She literally wichita hermano. Jamal bryant was not their word on the curve is that he was actually photographed in a hookah lounge in maryland. The same night. Okay so the pastor was there while she lying on watch what happens live talking about. She had to go back to the hotel because jamal was there. He wasn't even atlanta. And so not only what she lying about that. I can tell you firsthand. She was lying about the reception. First of all. You had to have a mask on even be there. They gave you a mask anna. Facial when you walk in and they checked your temperature when you walked in you had to be screened prior to even attending the wedding in order to even go. Then they had the whole place fumigate. It was so many different security measures safety measures in place. You can even really go in and out like that. It was like literally very secure. Not one person has gotten sick or tested positive from covert after that event so something must have been done right so to me. It's just a really fucked up thing to do for somebody to invite you to their wedding a private personal moment like that. They go that. Eclipses was shown on the cameras. You know this is her real life and somebody invites you to your wedding and because you so boring and don't have anything to talk about you now going to press. You're saying that you had to leave their reception early. Because you didn't feel safe. Because people started taking they matt soft. No they did not you lie and then you left because you saw because everybody was ignoring you you know who they were talking to karen huger who was also there with her mask on so thank you and that's it for tv land with that being said we love you so much. Thank you so much for listening and we'll catch you guys next week. They're black and protect your magic.

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