FBI, Kinshasa, Congo discussed on Mentoring Moments - Moral Agent, Part Two


There's no question i've gotten much better at accepting that and knowing that every time that in my mind that i think that i failed i've had huge growth spurts after that and i know a lot of people would see the same thing but it certainly true of me uncertainty scares me and uncertainty in a security since i love uncertainty in terms of my day part of what really appeal to me about the fbi is that nothing would be the same and so in that sense i thrive on uncertainty and things changing all the time but the times that i can think of that i was most afraid was when i was in certain situations overseas in a in a country that was in conflict or war there was a lack of good rule of law institutions and knowing that if something happened to me the chances of it being handled appropriately were remote like the first time i went to kinshasa in the democratic republic of the congo days before i got in there in italian woman who worked for the italian red cross had been ripped out of her car at an intersection that i was going through every day between my hotel and the embassy and she had been taken in an gangraped by more than two dozen men and and tossed on the side of the road and that scared me because first of all the diseases she would have had which he went through the trauma as a victim in second because even though i was there and i had partners and i had to trust them to a certain degree the sense that that could happen to me.

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