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Where will you be one? You're diarrhea comes back. You should have taken a motive for the first time it stops diarrhea often in just one. Would it looks like he was standing in the middle of the road and diarrhea strikes? Where were you where will you be when diarrhea strikes? Well, he's going to be on a dirt road getting apparently taking photos that they need liebowitz because it's exactly what this looks like. And then his dog artists. Can you more pretentious name for doc? His dog names, Artem dude. I love the dog though, the dog does not look happy. But he just. This is it is the funniest we're going to go through the story because it is so worth it. But the cover itself, he just looks like what happens if you pump up a straw man with some entitlement. That's what it looks like. So he's he's they come out with this cover betas choice. Oh my gosh. Oh is appropriated nickname and everything. I mean next week. Like, I said is going to be poker honky, it'll be her. What? My new favorite name for in fact, I so I would actually do a cover band where it's like it would be like a like a cover band of people dressed up as as like like blonde, Elizabeth Warren's, but with appropriating native American wear and just calling it the pogo honky. It would be perfect come at me. So this this covers out, and he's in Iowa all of this is just completely. This is a profession rollout. If ever I saw one. And I'm watching as everybody because he's he he seems he just says a lot of nothing and he does talk with his hands quite a bit. And when I see him ever given interview he just seems uncomfortable in his own skin. He's he he he believes his own hype. But I mean, they had to spend a lot of money in order to make him competitive against cruise in Texas, and it's still possible. And we we've talked about that previously one of the reasons that it was so narrow is because the Texas Republican party screwed up and running that race. Oh, don't even deny it. I ain't I'm not sitting. I'm not here to sit here and patch your bags and doofus bombs and all that stuff. Do you want to win or do you wanna lose? Do you want your ego intact or do you want to win elections? I mean, there you go. So it was it was a cluster farce is what I was. But we're going to touch on that. But he couldn't win a statewide race. And he definitely could not win a statewide race in Trump country, which is really what Texas is highly regarded as considering how much of a vote he pulled Trump has very long coattails. So and that's measurable demonstrable. And I don't think he's going to go on a statewide race. You can't win. If you can't win your own state. You can't win any others, by the way. Do you know the last time Vanity Fair gave this like any of its any liebowitz magazine cover treatment to one another one or the other last Democrats? They did this to John Edwards. That was back when he was getting bunny Mellon money that bunny Mellon money. All right. We have a lot to cover because we gotta I have to make fun of that ad or I'm literally not gonna we're not going to have a show today. Because I can't stop myself. Also, we're also going to get into some big headlines regarding firearm manufacturers, the Connecticut supreme court is allowing people to go after manufacturers now. So we're gonna talk about that in the precedent. It's establishes exactly. So as we move on. This happy little Thursday not to sound too much like Bob Ross, you can get some all day energy from super beets. And SuperBeets is. I mean, basically, it's just powder dietary nitrates that when you consume kick start your body's production of nitric oxide, which is fun. Because that is what helps you with your energy? And it's what helps fuel your focus without having to suck down a bunch of energy drinks that are just stimulants and calories from processed sugar and all of this is based upon nine hundred ninety eight Nobel prize winning research into how nitrates and nitric oxide works in the body. And so this is I mean, it's it's all about having more energy in a healthier way. And it's it's all about having nutrient rich foods, and if you hate beets don't worry about it because they're drying process that they use actually just completely kills that taste, and you can try it for..

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