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So, yeah. And now to the point of a making of who our first guest on the show is going to be. David Bach Diario nor Green Bay Packers. That was lamb and back slamming back beer after beer after beer on the what do you was he stunting on a Jumbotron, would you say, okay, and then stay humble? And then, and then. Aaron Rodgers across the way. Not slamming it back. I mean you know what I could go down a little bit of? So I wanna take Saint try. Let's get in. I want to take some time. No, no. We'll get into it next. There's two things I want to get into next year. Okay. Phone calls. Eight four four two zero four rich and also we'll get to our poll question in a second. It it's great. I love our poll question today. But it's, it's what we saw last night with Bach TR Ian Rogers, I will defend Aaron Rodgers. I will defend Aaron Rodgers. I don't know how how I'm here to listen shell. The fan I'm here to listen. Not sure how I shall defend defendable but okay. I shall but also what happened to Klay Thompson yesterday is outrageous. On unfortunate, and just a bad look for everybody except Klay Thompson. Klay Thompson just puts everyone in a very difficult spot in clay handled it with class and a little bit of swagger. And if you don't know what I'm talking about. You gotta stay tune. And if you know what I'm talking about, please. Stay tuned, anyway. Eight four four two full riches. The number to dial our poll question will be next. What happened Klay Thompson is next and my defense of Aaron Rogers unable to chug a beer on demand on the spot audible, if you will with his gullet could not do it. I shall defend twelve oh before his usually the guy who has his back, David Bach Derian. I bet you balked DR when he comes on. We'll have errands back to because that's just his that's his default mechanism. But man, that was a fun funny. Hilarious most, it's the most viral thing to come out of last night, I think, right? Yeah. Well, touch Drake changing his avatar Edens. That's good. We'll get into all of that. Four two four riches the number to dial that's next here on the rich Eisen show in sports a trade can make or break your team. A good one can mean a championship. But a bad one.

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