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So I don't know, it's just like an illuminating look into the actual day to day life. Of players, the Cardinals got last for the treatment and families because they had to pay for all their own meals. They're the only team that made the players pay for all their meals. It's funny all the teams were on brand, like I totally expected. The Bengals, the Cardinals, commanders, the Jags surprised me a little bit though, because SHAD Kahn is really, really rich. And they're also doing simultaneously AW, the wrestling thing. And it never occurred to me that they would be one of the true cheap hosts, but they had rodents in the locker room. They had a legitimate rad issue. In Jacksonville's defense, I will say the report said the players were confident that the team would rectify these situations and improve them. It just hadn't happened. So they didn't feel like they were getting screwed, I think. It was just more like, okay, we did to fix this. There weren't a lot of coaches and there was like, I think the cheese trainer got named. If I remember correctly it was the reverend's chiefs, I don't want to miss name the book. The coach that was named was Josh McDaniels, which coupled with Darren Waller and his wife dunking on him over the wedding thing. Some kind of a rough off season for Josh. Yeah. Just from a man. I'd say every waking moment of his non patriots anything has been pretty rough. Yeah, the poor Jags. I'm gonna unleash incredibly hot take on you guys that I've been thinking about for really since the plan. I still think the Jags could have beaten the chiefs. I really feel like that was sitting there and there's a sliding doors where like three out of ten times they win the game. Sure. And we never see the chiefs in the next round. That game was close. Did you ever feel? Like, Trevor Lawrence, yeah, sure. I think anything could happen. I wanted to get that off my chest. I like it. All right. You know, I'm not going to do Rogers. This would be a great bit, by the way. I want to keep putting them off. I like that tight ends and running backs are now the freelance cameraman at the NFL. Like they don't even, it's like, yeah, I have one, Damien Harris. One year, 2 million. Damon Harris is good. He didn't play as much as he normally would have last year because her magic Stevenson became one of the four best running backs of the league. Tight ends, Dalton Schultz thinks he's going to get huge payday ends up with the Texans for like one year, 6 million. The price for running backs and tight ends is now year to year, they're not even like, what did Rashad, what did penny get from it? Barely over the league, but it was like 1.3 million or something. Which is the same. Big injury history though. True. Basically, the NFL is turning into where fantasy drafts go after round two, where it's like, I want to get a tight end for a dollar. I didn't get Travis Kelce. Now I'm going to do I'll get everything for a dollar. I'll take I'll just roll the dice on four different from running backs for $5 and maybe I'll hit with one of them. Now all these teams have actually adopted that strategy. And there's an awesome running back in the draft this year, who everybody thinks is one of the best 5 players in the draft, and yet he'll probably go, what? 20th, 25th. I like this. Is that a whack? Bill,

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