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And if you ever come to building see, you'll see the beauty of this the dormitories. These are Greek revival style gorgeous beautiful. Buildings, I mean be if you can think about how well endowed that that system was for a while I mean they build fifty plus buildings and it becomes a completely self contained community at the height of it. There's about a thousand snug us. There's requirements are are are there funny in lovely and you have to display moral character and these are these old guys are probably younger than you and I James? That that are going in their. Different different times. World. I mean back to be you know forty six at that point made I'm not forty, six and forty five to forty five at that point. Having that career. was very difficult. Could stole it did yeah and there's there's a lot of them. Funny things if you mind. Your Times Harper's whatever the of the they often got in trouble for for drinking alcohol consumption and so that that was one of the things but they were given to brooks brother's suits and they were it was a self contained community. You had a farm, you had a power play the. Butcher the maker of the candlestick maker everything on there and You know a beautiful where people get married today in the Great Hall is where they used to sit in and a reading room and listen to music, and there was just this this really holistic approach there was a. A. Sanitarium there they they were for convalescing in the there was just a real. There's more. There's all these really amazing. This kind of amazing. Approach, and then you know things really change the course of the you know of of the EPA turn of the century and. The safety nets like social security, the change, the way that the approach of of the sailors changed the needs and simultaneously these hundred year leases the dried up. and. So they say they start tearing down buildings. And then simultaneously. People are taking a deep interest with the formulation of of preservation and in New York landmarks in the nineteen sixties comes in and they take the whole front, the front, the front five Greek revival style buildings where Saddam Museum is in the noble those two others, the name among the first New, York City landmarks and mainly. Like literally day one ones. And the then the community works hand in hand with people like him. There's a there's a very famous visit from Jackie O that comes. And our our artistic attorney Michael told me about how he was. He was he was one of the servers that day when Jackie Ho came like to you know coming in and and you have these these pillars, our community right now who who, who banded together there's a bunch of women actually that came together fabulous five that came together and with Jackie O Brooklyn. The they is this had these building saved the city of New York purchased it, and they wanted to create it into a cultural center in Nineteen, seventy, five the. The einstein-hilbert Cultural Center was founded separately actually the staten. Island Botanical Garden was founded they were only merged. In two thousand, eight. Yes and so now it is this it's eighty three acres, twenty, six buildings. Of Fourteen botanical gardens a two and a half Acre farm unprecedented architecture you know home to the Staten Island Museums Children's Exam Maritime Collection The new House Center for Contemporary Art the Chinese Scholars Garden and then forty plus small businesses studio artists and..

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