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Three on the road game five in Milwaukee games three and four at oracle. So shockingly, it's, it's a rarity up here in Toronto with sports history. But people are actually feeling pretty confident today was there a moment last night, where you thought we have it or a moment last night, where you said, we don't have it a half second before Niklas, call that time out about five left on the clock and at about thirty seconds after play resumed collide. I Leonard he, he, he went, you know, legend, he went on a ten ten point run on his own and that building, I've been going there for twenty years. I have never felt that type of electricity courses through that building. It was ready to pop people were going crazy. And Steph curry MRs at three and you could tell Steph was dejected. You know, you, you could tell he, he was thinking here we go. We're or about to handover title, and I have no idea what Nick nurse was doing calling that time out. And then they come out of the time out and clay hits two-three stuff. It's three and Kawhi Leonard doesn't get another basket. And now they're heading back to Oakland. I said there was five seconds of bad fan behavior. I don't want to blame this on everybody there, obviously, but it felt like you know, it's an emotional moment. You're trying to win a championship. You're winning a championship for an entire country. Durant goes down. Everybody's excited because they know of Durant's you know, that calf injuries, you know back again. Hayes not gonna play and we got an even better chance. The fans didn't obviously understand the magnitude of it, but they quickly did your thoughts with the fan reaction to. Yeah. I think you're spot on, Dan. I think they're. There were three chapters to what happened last night with the Durant injury for starters. You've got to go back to even before the series began. We've been jokingly calling Durant John wick on our show because he's just the boogeyman that's in the shadows. And you know, if you show up you big trouble. So there's been a lot of trepidation coursing through it. The fan base here knowing who he is. And what he represents it didn't help that he shows up last night and hits. Too quick, threes and looks unbelievable in the first quarter. So there was a lot of angst because of who Durant was. And I think when he originally got injured the initial pop was people thought search of gotta steal now he didn't Durant, obviously blew out his achilles or whatever he did. He just kind of let go of the ball but you're right. I think it was human nature. The first three or four seconds like, wow, he's down. And that means the Rapids really have a shot at winning this title. That was the first chapter. The second chapter was the ugliness where people, I think understood the extent of. Is injury by no means was twenty thousand people, I'm not sure what the percentage of, of it was in terms of the crowd. But there it was loud enough. You could pick it up and they were cheering. The fact that this guy was significantly injured. That was the second chapter, the third chapter though, was redemption. I think for Toronto and typically Canadian because we had to apologize for our initial reaction, and people started chanting his name any got a huge applause, as he walked down the tunnel. So I don't think that third chapter has been brought up enough. I understand the lure and the captivity that comes with, you know, booing an injury and obviously, it leads to a lot of debate but there was a, a real sense of, you know, Soro for Kevin Durant in the crowd, and he, he did get a pretty decent champ, by the time he left her build them. I mentioned this yesterday. In fact, I think this poll question for a little while if I say to the, the, the country Canada, you can have a raptors championship or the Maple Leafs win. Another stanley. Cup. And I said, I, I don't think this is really a decision or choice like this is Canada winning a championship. You know, people in Alberta and Calgary couldn't care less about Toronto, winning a Stanley Cup. But it feels like you know, Canada would be able to embrace a championship in a sport that they haven't ever wanted championship before your thoughts on that..

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