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Highlight. But probably what I'm most known for my career is being punched by Daniel Priscilla in the. Semi. Finals, and that was all over the media and it was really hard to my family because New York Ranger fans were attacking me personally. And I just told him don't read it. Don't don't even pick it up. Don't look at it. Don't read it and I that's what I've done. I. Do feel for the guys there isn't a different standard they're out there the players play a little bit differently they go out there these guys that are selected they're the best they have and they. Know. It just the intensity and the scrutiny picks up because it is the playoffs. So her sure. Could you? Could you pick An official or two I mean maybe this is unfair. But guys that were just so good at what they did. Like maybe you learned from or or you're like man, these guys are the gold standard. While for me I mean it's a long list just stick to linesmen by Ray scapinello. He was an amazing linesmen. I worked my first. My first playoff game with him. My first time in the second round with him I worked a game seven in two thousand four in the third round. So if you work a game seven in the third round, you're going to the finals and again in the finals He was just unbelievable. was a good teacher to people that wanted to be taught and he was. An excellent I think he did four hundred playoff games twenty Stanley. Cup on so. Another guy. Your favorite lines went on Face Offs Kevin Collins he's my. Higher as it official coming through I used to watch NHL. Games. I used to I wanted to emulate what they were doing there, and cabin was my idol going in I worked with Ron Aseltine a fair bit. He was my first roommate in training camp. His nickname was the bear. That's why they called me the cub for Cubby now. Leon stickle I. Think I have a little bit of Leon. Because his last year in the League was. Ninety seven in he did I did thirty three games with him and he was grooming me for the playoffs but he was a guy that was out there that. A guy would come up and yell at them and Leon would just look at it and he tilt his head and say I think I look really good night helmet even though it was a big nose, I? Think that. Abby. On. Guy. Who Retired with me? The Standard. Of Professionalism in and fitness in the Great Leader of these guys are unbelievable. So I definitely those four right there guys right there really helped me along while a couple of things that we should get to to Ray with Scott number one. I just assumed you know when you've been around the National Hockey League for as long as you are. There's a place for you in hockey operations with the NHL, in some capacity but. You're joining the coaching ranks right Scott. You've on with the University of Wealth Women's team as. An assistant coach. Yes. Good for you, you must be excited about that when things normalized or win they normalized. Yeah. It's a I'm GonNa Tucker personal elected to try to plan ahead and last year right about right about now year ago I had my niece scope at my third knee surgery. And I was rehabbing university wealth by myself skating around and I had known I know the head coach and the assistant coach fairly well. So one day I walked in the office when they had recently lost an assistant coach to to tier two junior hockey and I said you know what? I'd really be interested in in thinking you'll get into coaching and Rachel said we'll. We'll talk about it during the year. So when I was available during the year I would go watch them play I even went watched a couple of recruits play and then once my season ended and and. We were told that we weren't going to become a back at that when the regular season ended art, we're technically retired now I reached out to Rachel again and she said we talked on the phone we she goes yeah we'd like to have you aboard. So it's a I coached before coached many sports by hockey card to coach when I was away twenty two days of mine I did coach my oldest son or my youngest son's a high school boys junior team one year really liked. I just liked the the Camaraderie I taught the system that I wanted rain with like because we had an three is all the time and a lot of backcheck nobody. Got All hang up the net all the time trying to score. So you better not be a conservative coach score. A goal. So many goals by having an f. three and then they also came back and helped out on defense so. I'm looking forward to the challenge. It's shifting gears so like I said so you know the future see what the future holds. How how is your family got through this last five six months or five months whatever it's been. Now, we've endured amine with the. With the the better weather, it's been nice little more freedom to get outside and and kids are working and it's You know they weren't really sure what it going to be like to have data around every but. We've seen to survived it all right now..

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