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Jacky Quin residents in central and eastern Pennsylvania had to be rescued. By emergency crews after heavy rains triggered flash flooding roads had to be closed from williamsport to the Philadelphia suburbs police in bloomsburg set off a mandatory evacuation siren. Late Monday for a few hundred. People in the West End of, that town President Trump in New York. State signed a. Mess of defense spending Bill at Fort Hood fort drum that is saying that no longer will the military be underfunded. Those days are over, every day the army is fighting for us and now we are fighting for you one hundred percent the, president has reacted to the firing of Peter Struck an FBI. Agent, who had sent negative text messages against him our soccer megani reports the president's long bash struck for sending anti-trump text messages while a. Member of the special counsels Russia probe he was. Immediately taken off the team after they were discussed Today the president wonders whether strucks firing means, the investigation itself will. Be dropped though there's no indication that will happen prosecutors in Florida have charged white man with manslaughter in the death of. An unarmed black man whose video recorded shooting at a convenience store parking lot revived the debate over Florida's stand your ground law attorney Michelle Rainer represents the family of marquees mcglockton Michael Drake. Period point blank is a cold blooded murderer and he took marquesses life without a second thought and we are so profoundly glad that the state attorney has decided. To do the right thing in. Charge the alleged Golden State killer, in California former police officer James de. Angelos facing a. Third Tiger Woods is back and people are watching the charge by woods at the PGA championship and the two shot. Victory by Brooks Kapka. Through the highest final rod coverage for the major in nine years CBS sports said Sunday's round of Bill. Review a rating of six point one and a sheriff fourteen That's up sixty nine percent from last year the top viewership, market was Saint, Louis where the tournament took place it wasn't exciting finish woods who was fought a long and public battle through injuries and personal issues came in second he shot a final round sixty four finishing at two sixty six that was his. Best at a seventy two hole major but not enough to be kept go who was locked, in Drivers are paying more at the pump, but fuel price, analyst. Trilby Lundberg says that's likely about the chance to weeks the average price of gasoline. Is up two cents the new. Average for, regular is to ninety three but probably it, will not continue up more likely there'll be some price cutting from. Here on she says there's a lot of oil out there and. The demand for, it right now is low prices have been weakening as some producers especially Saudi Arabia Russia the. United, States are upping their oil output at the same time in the. US our demand for gasoline is weak Lundberg says there, are several reasons why we're not buying but one in particular Also facing a price. The, crib trace is about fifty three cents higher than it was one year. Ago and that's, another reason that I would demand for gasoline has not been growing as for who's paying the least in the. Most Jackson Mississippi is the low average to fifty. Three for regular and. The highest San Francisco three sixty nine while diesel, users are paying about two eighty five gallon is three World War Two bombs. Were removed from the Baltic seabed near the polish. Vacation resort of Cohen check more than two thousand, people were evacuated on Monday the spokesman for the..

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