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We think we know who we are. We're making proper choices. We don't normally say today. I'm going to do stupid. Things and counterproductive things but by day's end we likely will have so. There's some other cluster of energy on us. That's paying attention that has a perspective and is obviously trying to communicate to us and one of its modalities of communication is the withdrawal of approval and support so many times people will feel. Depression doesn't mean they're not functional. They may be taking care of business in their lives. But there's there's that inner sense of heaviness that that that sort of malaise that one carries and then we'd have to ask the question why why is the psyche withdrawn its approval and support from the places. We investing it. Let's say we've worked hard to prepare for career. We've invested a great deal on relationship but there's no sense of ongoing purposefulness or satisfaction coming from it and then you'd have to say all right. What what would you want from a wet. What's what's the what's the alternative here at. Those are those inbetween states but a call. Limbo states limos meant threshold where we're betwixt and between it's almost like we need The asking a few questions. You need to be digging deba when we get to those feelings. Sure we we ask. Why have my usual understandings and techniques. Not continue to work. That's that's a good quite so healthy question in sometimes that inbetween time whether it's in a moment in history such as our or a moment in life of the person can be very painful and over an extended period. Sometimes those in-between times couldn't last year. Schwartz where something is played out and something has not yet appeared on the horizon. One thing i've tried to say to people you know we often so to speak. Walk down the streets backwards. Metaphorically started like we're always looking in our future in terms of whatever the instructions or the lenses that we had to make our choices in the past. Allow us to see. And i would say you know you can't see it yet but the future out there is just as real as anything that ever happened. In your past and right now is this transition between a received worldview a received set of instructions and the possibility of creating new life. Different kind of life and one in which you're more of a conscious participant and you could have been a child when you're being bombarded with all of these examples outside of you and all of these messages and and it's just as real as i said because often people can't imagine what they haven't known experienced and that's why i say it's like walking down the street backwards and nobody will do that because you never know what you'll walk into that we do it. Psychologically all the time yeah. That's interesting Way to go from here are yeah. I feel as though.

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